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‘Hate story’ of killer in Vasai, new phenomenon of eccentric lover comes to light

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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A lover killed his girlfriend on the last day of her life in Vasai, the financial capital of the country, Mumbai. On Tuesday morning, when the deceased Aarti Yadav was going to Kamawar, the accused Rohit Yadav attacked her. He tried to fit the nuts and bolts. That the maddened accused had taken the life of her lover within seconds, the murder would have created an uproar. Accused Rohit Yadav means he collected so much money? Rohit Yadav and Aarti Yadav’s love affair started six years ago. The police arrested the accused and the court sent him to the police cell for several days. A new scandal has come to light with this eccentric lover and he may have stolen half of it. Theft itself means murder and the crime of murder.

…and Rohit decided to build Artilla wealth.

The relationship between the two was going on for the last six years. In the last two months only, there was a fight between the two. Everyone started talking about their marriage in the house. Only Rohit would have automatically done the aarti of the house. Rohit Artila said, I am seeing my sister’s girl. On this Aarti said that I can make Libra Ascendant. As the aarti was starting, Rohit began to doubt who he was talking to.

Policeman Rohit clearly said, tell Aarti’s father that something is not right with us and that Aarti is having some kind of affair in the office. Just then Aarti called the person working in her office. Hence the accused Rohit Itka Santapala hatched a conspiracy to kill Mulichi. Rohit used to steal dates wherever he worked.

On Tuesday morning, Rohit went with Aarti and stopped her. When they got into a fight, Rohit inflicted serious injuries on his close friend. The wound was so severe that it healed completely in a few seconds. Otherwise Aarti would have lost her life and her head would have been injured due to drinking alcohol. What’s the difference between having your hands on your face? Must have said something like that. No one made any effort to stop Rohitala when Aarti’s soul departed. Rohit Dhawan’s departure would have left only one person on the sidelines. After that everyone will shoot a video of Aarti’s death in their phones.

Meanwhile, the accused Rohit Yadav is in police custody, with Asun police investigating him. Why did he kill Aarti so brutally? Is there any other reason for this? The police have conducted an investigation in this regard.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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