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Has arranged with BJP… Abhay Chautala’s big accusation against Bhupendra Singh Hooda in Haryana

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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INLD leader Abhay Singh Chautala

Politics has heated up in Haryana ahead of the Rajya Sabha elections. On Friday, INLD leader Abhay Singh Chautala made a big accusation against Congress leader Bhupendra Singh Hooda. He said that Hooda does not want anyone from the Congress to become a Rajya Sabha MP, he has an arrangement with the BJP. Running away from the Rajya Sabha elections is a big proof of that.

Speaking to ANI, Chautala said that Hooda should talk to the opposition for the Rajya Sabha. When Dipendra Singh Hooda was to be sent to the Rajya Sabha, he sought my vote. In such a situation, why the shame of asking for votes now? He said that the Congress has a misunderstanding. Congress leaders have lost faith in the party, that’s why there has been such a stampede.

‘Lok Sabha election has nothing to do with assembly’

Referring to the assembly elections at the INLD workers convention in Rohtak, Chautala said that his party INLD will do better in this election. He claimed that this time INLD will form the government in Haryana. Lok Sabha elections have different issues and assembly elections have different issues. The results of the Lok Sabha elections have nothing to do with the assembly elections.

He said that many senior leaders in the Congress party were so forced that they had to leave the party. The same happened to Kiran Chaudhary and his former MP daughter Shruti Chaudhary. Finally he left the Congress party. Same thing happened with Rao Indrajit, Ashok Tanwar, Arvind Sharma, Kuldeep Bishnoi.

Hooda said that we do not have the number of candidates

On the one hand, there is enthusiasm among the Congress workers after the good performance in the Lok Sabha elections in Haryana. On the other hand, before the Rajya Sabha elections, former state CM Hooda distanced himself by saying that he did not have the numbers. Now his move is being criticized everywhere. Until a few days ago, the same Hooda was calling the BJP government in Haryana a minority, but with Kiran Choudhary switching parties, the entire political equation seems to have turned upside down with the Rajya Sabha.

Opposition is not united in Haryana

It is believed that after Congress MLA Tosham Kiran Chaudhary joined the BJP, the entire equation of numerical strength in the assembly has gone wrong. The truth is also that the opposition is not united in Haryana. At present there are 87 MLAs in the 90-member assembly. Out of which BJP has 41. 1 Haryana Lokhit Party and an Independent are also with them. Kiran Chaudhary has certainly changed parties, but is still an MLA. The total number of MLAs has increased to 44.

On the other hand, Congress has 28 MLAs, JJP has 10 MLAs and INLD has 4 MLAs. There are also four independents. If all these are added, the total number is 43. However, it is also being said that JJP’s 10 MLAs are not one. This is the reason why there is a problem with the Rajya Sabha in Haryana and the opposition may suffer in this.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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