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Haryana: A speeding dumper hit a bike-riding couple, dragging them for a long distance

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A dumper coming at full speed hit a couple on a bike.

In Haryana’s Yamunanagar, a dumper loaded with illegal mining rammed into a bike-riding couple due to high speed. The accident was so serious that the illegally sanded overloaded dumper dragged the husband and wife for a long distance along with the bike. Enraged by the death of the husband and wife, the mob blocked the highway. Officials have been called to the spot and action has been taken against the driver, dumper owner and mining official.

These days there is a ban on large-scale illegal mining in Yamunanagar, but the work is still going on indiscriminately. In such situations, illegal mining truck drivers drive their trucks at such a high speed that they don’t care about anyone coming in front. Such accidents have happened many times before. The latest case is that of Deoghar village where a dumper loaded with illegal mining hit a bike rider. Husband and wife were riding bikes.

The dumper kept dragging the husband and wife

The accident was so serious that the dumper dragged the couple along with the bike to a distance. As the dumper came under control, the driver managed to get down from the dumper and run away. The husband and wife died on the spot in the accident. After the accident, there was chaos in the surroundings. The enraged villagers immediately blockaded the place. In such a situation, the police also reached the spot but the dead body was not allowed to be taken away from there. Administrative officials also reached the spot and gave assurance. Officials tried to calm the crowd, however, the angry people said they would not leave until action was taken against the accused.

The victim’s family did this

The victim’s family says that they will not let everyone leave until action is taken against the dumper driver, the owner of the stone crusher and the official. Later, Tehsildar and SDM reached the spot and tried to convince the victim’s family and said that the police will act according to the statement of the family members. The SDM also assured that they will work to block illegal mining. Also, since many schools are located on this road, barricades will also be installed on the road. The case is currently being investigated.

(Reporting by Tilak Bharadwaj/Yamunanagar)

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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