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Hardoi: An accountant and a law officer who came to measure the land along with goons beat up a disabled person.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Disabled person assaulted in UP land dispute

A disabled man has leveled serious allegations against revenue officials, police and Dabangg over a land dispute in Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi district. The disabled victim along with her family reached the SP office and complained to the SP about the matter. Informing about the incident, the victim said that accountant and law clerk along with Dabang went to measure her land. This land dispute case is pending in the taluk. When he refused, the goons along with the accountant beat him up, leaving him seriously injured.

The family of disabled Phool Mian reached the SP office and was very scared. Phool Mian, a victim of disability, said that there is a dispute in the village regarding agricultural land with Bhagauti Prasad etc. Keeping this in mind, he came to measure the farm along with accountant Girja Shankar. The matter is pending in the Tehsil Court. When the victim sought the measurement order, Lekhpal’s sons and opposition Bhagauti Prasad beat him up.

Police accused of beating disabled man’s family

Seeing their disabled father being beaten, the daughter and sister tried to rescue him, but they left him for dead. After this, dial 112 police reached the spot and admitted him to the hospital. The disabled victim said he was admitted to the hospital. On the other hand, no one was home late at night. Police from the local Kasimpur police station reached her home and without the presence of a lady constable took her daughter Sania and her sister Saima to the police station where the police beat them both.

When the mother went to rescue him, he was issued a challan.

Both the girls alleged that they were brutally beaten up at the police station. When his mother went to rescue him in the morning, he was also challaned. Phool Mian, a victim of police action, reached the police office to meet SP Keshav Chandra Goswami with a complaint. The victim submitted an application to SP Keshavachandra Goswami and demanded justice.

The police chief said – the allegations of assault are baseless

Meanwhile, Ram Lakhan, in-charge of Kasimpur police station, said that there was a dispute over the agricultural land of a disabled person, for which Kanugo and an accountant had reached the spot for measurement. Both the girls grabbed the collar and beat up the legislator and the accountant. Attacked with a shovel. All the allegations made by Divyang are baseless.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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