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Hamare Barah Review: Story has strength but…how is Annu Kapoor’s controversial film?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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The court had earlier banned the film Image Credit Source: Social Media

Annu Kapoor’s film Hamare Barah has been released in theatres. I had no intention of watching this movie. But after the controversy surrounding it I thought why not watch this movie. Then we reached the screening of this film in Mumbai rains. After a long wait of almost 3 hours the movie started. Because the censors did not give the required certificate for the release of the film. It was expected that the film would be boring. The film will have lewd Hindi-Muslim dialogues, and will be torture to watch. But that was not the case at all. The film is fascinating, yes some things are definitely irritating. But this movie is not bad. He can be given a chance.


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Nawab Sahib, who still lives in Lucknow despite having 11 children.Annu Kapoor) are optimistic that they will soon have a 12th child, God willing. They do not follow any government regulations. He believes that the development of the country is the responsibility of the government and the development of the family is the responsibility of man. Although he loves his children very much, he has neither allowed his children to go to school-college nor his daughters have the freedom to do their favorite work. When the doctor tells Nawab Sahib the news of his second wife’s fifth pregnancy, his happiness knows no bounds. He does not care that this pregnancy is fatal for his wife, there is no hope of her survival after giving birth to the child. They simply rule that abortion is a crime in Islam. Nawab Sahib’s daughter Alfia, fed up with her father’s thoughts, decided to go to court to save her younger mother’s life. To know what happens next, you have to go to the theater and watch Hamara Barah.

In the film, the writer and director have honestly tried to show how important the Population Control Act is to our country. But if this film had come out 20 years ago, it might have worked. But now people have become more intelligent. The day by day increasing population of our country is not a problem of any religion but of the entire country. And for this we are all responsible. One’s religion does not allow it, one wants an inheritance, so that they can be supported in old age, that’s why some people spend their entire youth in having children. If the film was not limited to one religion, it could have shown something wonderful. But here we are told the story of only one religious family and because of that the film has a feeling of hatred.

Direction and Casting

First of all we have to praise Mukesh Chhabra, the casting director of Hamare Barah, because despite it being a low budget film, he has cast some amazing actors for this film. Kamal Chandra is the director of this film. And Rajan Aggarwal has worked on the script of this film. Both have tried their best to show us good cinema. But in between the film strays from the main point. Nawab Sahib’s character loudly shouts ‘Allah hu Akbar’ and throws dialogues in Urdu even where it is not required (yes, throws, that is, throws loudly. And the headache starts). Sometimes it looks like the director is asleep with the camera on him. Nawab Sahib’s over acting could have been controlled.


As always, Annu Kapoor is seen giving his 1000 percent for this film. But it would have been better if he had just given his 100 percent. Because his acting seems too much in many places. Ankita Dwivedi has given her life in the role of Nawab Sahib’s second wife. Aditi Bhatpahari who plays Alfia has also done justice to her role. Paritosh Tripathi and Rahul Bagga fully justify their characters. And the performances of Ashwini Kalsekar and Manoj Joshi take the film two steps forward. Parth Samthan is good in the role of reporter.

To see or not to see

During the screening of this film, I saw tears in the eyes of a senior journalist in the first half. His age would be around 62 years. On asking the reason, it came to know that years ago this was the case in every house. Women were not allowed to have abortions, even if it meant losing their lives. And because of this he lost someone close to him. That woman was a Hindu. No religion is responsible for people’s thinking. A good education can change everyone’s perspective. For example, Manoj Joshi played the role of Memon i.e. Nawab Sahib’s lawyer in this film. The lawyer who stopped the Nawab Sahib’s wife from having an abortion citing his religion and the Koran as an example is said to have two children of his own. And is also shown saying that his daughter is studying medicine. This issue could have been discussed more.

Just as polygamy is wrong, so is child marriage, infanticide, desertion of the first wife for a son, or procreation for the sake of an heir. And every religion has this problem. But the ‘tried and tested’ formula has been used in this film. And even if the makers shout that they are not targeting any particular religion, the cuts made in the film testify that the story took a different path, which was blocked by the court. The film can be seen for the honest efforts of the rest of the cast.

Movie: Hamare Barah
Director: Kamal Chandra
Actors: Annu Kapoor, Paritosh Tripathi, Rahul Bagga
Rating: ** 1/2

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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