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Hamare Baar: Annu Kapoor’s film will shake hearts and minds

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Hamare Barah Movie Review: There are some films that go beyond the established channels of entertainment and try to say something that makes the general public think. The film ‘Hamaara Barah’, released in theaters across the country this Friday, can also be counted among such powerful and meaningful films. ‘Hamara Barah is not just a film but a movement against the idea of ​​turning women into child-bearing machines in the name of religion, in which everyone should participate and after watching this film, it will shake you. You will be freed from all consequences for women, a campaign should be launched to change the climate of oppression.

In the strong direction of director Kamal Chandra, the film Hamare Barah shows that Manzoor Ali Khan Sanjri (Annu Kapoor) considers marriage and divorce as a game. He pressures his wives under the guise of religion. Under the guise of religion, he does not waste even two minutes in bereavement of his wives as they deserve and considers the children born one after the other as gifts from Allah. But then one day there is a rebellion in his own house and the matter reaches the court. That makes it very offensive.

An important film for society

Based on a unique and adventurous story, ‘Hamaara Barah’ aims to deeply attack orthodox traditions in the name of religion rather than criticizing any particular religion. The way the film’s story, dialogue and script are woven together to highlight a serious issue is worth watching. His casting is also perfect. Annu Kapoor has played his character so well that it is hard to imagine any other actor in his place. All the actors like Partha Samthan, Manoj Joshi, Ashwini Kalsekar, Abhimanyu Singh, Paritosh Tripathi, Aditi Dhiman, Shagun Mishra, Aditi Bhatpehri and Ankita Dwivedi also get into their characters very sincerely.

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Kudos to director Kamal Chandra and all the makers of the film for making a bold, out-of-the-box film in the form of ‘Hamaara Barah’, which raises the voice of women’s rights, exposes the flaws in religious practices and compels people. You too must watch a film on a great subject on the big screen of the cinema.

Artist: Annu Kapoor, Partha Samthan, Manoj Joshi, Ashwini Kalsekar, Abhimanyu Singh, Paritosh Tripathi, Aditi Bhatpehari, Ankita Dwivedi, Aditi Dhiman, Shagun Mishra etc.
Director: Kamalchandra
Creator: Ravi Gupta, Birender Bhagat, Sanjay Nagpal and Sheo Balak Singh Story and Screenplay: Rajan Aggarwal
Composer: Annu Kapoor, Sandeep Batra and Bishakh Jyoti
Rating: 4 stars

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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