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Groom from London called from airport, then fined 19 lakhs on bride

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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In Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur, a girl has been cheated of 19 lakh rupees in the name of marriage. The man she wanted to marry and settle in London robbed her. The fraudster befriended the girl through Facebook. He also talked to his family living in Lucknow. Later, a trick was made that they extorted 19 lakh rupees from the bride. By the time the bride realizes she has been duped, it is too late. After this the bride went to the police station and registered a case against the cheating groom.

SP City has ordered the police to investigate the matter and take action. An investigation is currently going on in this matter. A girl living in Gorakhnath area runs a sewing centre. He is not married yet. Some time back one day he met a family from Lucknow on Facebook. A young man of the family started coming close to the girl again. He said he lives in London.

The young man told the girl that he wanted to marry her. The conversation between the two increased so much that the girl accepted his proposal. He showed the girl beautiful dreams. He said that he has bought a house of his own in London. After marriage he will keep her there too. Both will spend their whole life happily in London. After this, one day the young man suddenly said that he was coming to Lucknow. He will get it first. Then he will go home.

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In this way a fraud of 19 lakh rupees was done

The girl started waiting for him. But she didn’t know that this happiness was only for a few moments. A few days ago he received a phone call. Was told that we are calling from Delhi airport. We have captured your future groom. He has large amounts of foreign currency and valuables, which are banned from being brought here. Now if you want to redeem it send us money for it. The girl felt that something like this must have really happened. He gave all the amount demanded by those people.

The groom declared himself a smuggler

After this the groom called himself. He said I am smuggling. You send me money or I will trap you too. The girl was scared. By selling her jewelery and mortgaging her house, she paid the young man a total of Rs. 19 lakhs were sent. They started asking him for more money. After that, the girl got tired and told the whole thing to the police station. Currently, action is going on in this case on the order of SP.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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