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Govt college bypassed and private school made centre…Questions on role of NTA in Gujarat’s Godhra too

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Now the controversy over a center in Godhra regarding the NEET exam has become more intense.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has been embroiled in controversies day by day over the NEET paper leak. Now questions are being raised on NTA’s role in making a private school in Godhra, Panchmahal, Gujarat, an examination centre. The questionable role of the NTA has come to light in the investigation. The NEET examination center was made in a private school instead of a government engineering college.

It is being claimed that the situation would have been different if the examination center was in a government college. It has been alleged that there is a possibility of malpractice as the examination center is in a private school. Now there is a demand to investigate the whole matter that why NDA made a private school the examination center? The matter of making a center of a private school came to light when an investigation was conducted in 4 campuses around Godhra city.

Government Engineering Colleges were surveyed for the Centre.

The police investigation revealed that NTA had also conducted a survey regarding the examination in the Government Engineering College, Jabanpur, Godhra, in whose premises the NEET examination was to be held, but later it turned out that the examination was conducted by an NTA private school. Examination Centre. The question is why NTA has made a private school the center even though the government engineering college has all kinds of facilities? It is believed that if it is properly investigated, it can lead to a lot of related revelations.

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16 suspected students, out of which 10 are from other states

Currently, the police investigation team has received information from the NTA about the students appearing for the exam at the exam center in Godhra. Now summons will be sent to these students soon. The names of 16 suspected students have come up so far in the police investigation. Out of which 10 are from Gujarat and 6 from other states. Statements of students from Gujarat have also been recorded. Preparations are underway to send summons to the remaining 6 students.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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