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Good news from the US: Mukesh Ambani to bag jackpot of Rs 8.34 lakh crore!

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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The country’s largest company, Reliance Industries, is having very good days. In the month of June, Reliance Industries’ valuation saw an increase of over Rs 1.80 lakh crore. Now good news has come from the US for Reliance Industries. Global brokerage firm Morgan Stanley has estimated that the value of Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries may rise by Rs 8.34 lakh crore or $100 billion in the coming days. In the month of June, Reliance Industries shares saw a rise of over 9 per cent. On Monday there is a slight drop in the company’s shares. Let us also tell you how such an increase in the valuation of Reliance Industries can be seen.

Profit of Rs 8.34 lakh crore

US brokerage firm Morgan Stanley said in its report that Reliance Industries’ fourth monetization cycle can grow the company by $60-100 billion, i.e. more than Rs 5-8 lakh crore. This means that soon the company’s valuation could reach Rs 27-30 lakh crore. Currently, the company’s valuation has reached Rs 21 lakh crore. On the other hand, the brokerage firm has also increased the target price on Reliance Industries shares. According to the company, the company’s shares can reach Rs 3,540.

In which sectors is growth expected?

According to Mayank Maheshwari of Morgan Stanley, if ROCE remains above 10 per cent, then there is a possibility of earnings growth over the next few years due to fresh investments in power, expansion in the retail sector and energy business plans. Morgan Starnley estimates an EPS CAGR of 12 per cent from FY24 to FY27 with triggers across multiple verticals. The brokerage firm believes that Reliance’s ROE will be higher than its cost of capital going forward as it is transitioning to a more profitable, sustainable and less cyclical growth model due to changes in the business and capital structure.

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What was the share price?

Reliance Industries shares fall on the first day of July. According to BSE data, shares of Reliance Industries are witnessing a decline of 0.51 per cent and are trading at Rs 3,116. The company’s shares reached Rs 3,110.40 during the trading session. However, on Monday the company’s shares opened at Rs 3,129.95. According to BSE data, the market capitalization of Reliance Industries is Rs 21,07,212.51 crore.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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