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Giant Killers: Maharashtra turns off the mood of giants; Who are the giant killers in the state?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Victory and defeat are decided in elections. In the electoral arena, votes were cast in such a way on some seats that many people’s caps flew in the air. Some of them jumped in the air. This result forced them to rub their eyes. BJP dominated the politics of the state. BJP trapped two parties in the state. They divided the parties and the Mahabharata that followed was experienced only by Maharashtra. But the people of the state also gave their experience to BJP in the form of votes. BJP came down from two digits to single digit. The results of this seat of the state were surprising.

Legacy of executed husband; Pratibha Dhanorkar becomes a mass killer

Sudhir Mungantiwar is a big name in Vidarbha politics. He has been active in Chandrapur for the last 35 years. He has risen from MLA to Cabinet Minister in the Assembly. This time he was challenged by Balu Dhanorkar’s wife Pratibha Dhanorkar. Due to her husband’s death, she was given a ticket by the Congress. In the last Lok Sabha, her husband had defeated Hansraj Ahir from this seat. His name was famous at that time.

This time Pratibha Dhanorkar took forward her husband’s legacy. She became a giant killer by defeating Sudhir Bhau. Dhanorkar got 7,18,410 votes while Sudhir Mungantiwar got 4,58,004 votes. Dhanorkar defeated Mungantiwar by a margin of 2 lakh 58 thousand votes.

People got ‘power’; BJP’s star campaigner lost

No parliamentary constituency in the entire state witnessed as much ‘drama’ as Amravati during the Lok Sabha elections. BJP candidate Navneet Rana has already managed to attract the attention of the entire country. In 2019, she was brought to Delhi by a huge vote from this seat. But the Rana couple does not seem to get along with anyone except the BJP. An atmosphere was created against them in Amravati. The constituent parties of the Mahagathbandhan including Vanchit, Bacchu Kadu and their workers were angry with them.

Navneet Rana got attention due to her agitation and controversies during the Uddhav Thackeray government. This time BJP gave her a ticket, but could not stop the resentment of others. Even Amit Shah’s meeting remained inconclusive. Congress veteran Wankhede defeated Rana. This defeat was a setback for the BJP. Wankhede got 5,26,271 votes while Navneet Rana got 5,06,540 votes. Bacchu Kadu’s supporter Dinesh Boob got 85,300 votes.

The doctor had given Daaji a ‘chakwa’

The Maratha factor was at its peak in Marathwada. But along with this, the hard work of the candidates of the constituent parties in the Mahavikas Aghadi cannot be denied. Raosaheb Danve, who has reached Delhi 5 times in a row, is a Murabi leader of Jalna district. He has a lot of weight in Delhi as well. Despite the system and power in the state, Dr. Congress has a very good experience of speed. Kalyan Kale surprised them.

In 2019, the blacks faced defeat. In 2024, the blacks avenged their defeat. Kalyan Kale got 6,07,897 votes. Raosaheb Danve got 4,97,939 lakh votes. Danve lost by 1,09,958 votes. Kalyan turned out to be a black giant killer.

Bajrang Bappa tried his best, got surprising result!

This time BJP decided to send Pankaja Munde to Delhi. The good sign is that Ajit Pawar faction, alternatively Dhananjay Munde is also with them. In such a situation, it was believed that Pankaja Munde’s victory would be easy. Dhananjay Munde’s supporter Bajrang Sonawane suddenly joined Sharad Pawar faction and got the ticket. He defeated Pankaja Munde in a very tough contest. A close contest was seen till late night. Re-counting was done. It was announced that Bajrang Sonawane won the election by 6 thousand 555 votes. This result is being considered the most shocking.

Nilesh Lanka gives a winning reply to Kanapichaka

There has been a big upset in Ahmednagar Lok Sabha seat. Nilesh Lanka gave a big shock to BJP’s Sujay Vikhe. After the split in NCP, Nilesh Lanka joined Ajit Pawar faction. But before the Lok Sabha elections, he contacted Sharad Pawar faction. At that time, the bigwigs gave him earrings. But Nilesh Lanka won by showing Sujay Vikhe the sky.

BJP’s Sujay Vikhe got 5,95,868 votes while Nilesh Lanka got 6,24,797 votes. He won by 28,929 votes. Some independents got big votes in this.

The teacher sent the Union Minister home

The state’s Didori Lok Sabha seat was already in turmoil. The farmers’ agitation started on the onion issue. The opposition took full advantage of the BJP’s unprofitable policy on agriculture. Union Minister Bharati Pawar was overshadowed by onion and water shortage. Gondegaon teacher Bhaskar Bhagare won by a huge margin. The NCP Sharad Pawar group nominated him recognizing the discontent in the constituency and he pulled off this stronghold.

In this constituency, Bhaskar Bhagare got 5,77,339 votes, while Dr. Bharti Pawar got 4,64,140 votes. Ramakrishna Hari, trumpet play, the slogan was very nice. Bhagare defeated Pawar by 1,13,199 votes.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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