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Ghazipur: The young man was crazy about his girlfriend, if there was any problem, he killed his parents and brother

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Love and affection at a young age sometimes leads to great events. A similar thing was seen a day ago in Kusmeeh Kala village of Nandganj police station area of ​​Gazipur district. Here three people of the same family were killed by slitting their throats. The police cracked the case and arrested the fourth member of the family. Police said he was the mastermind of the murder. Police said that the parents and brother were creating hurdles in the youth’s love, which he could not bear. He decided to get the trio out of the way and killed them by slitting their throats the day before.

A sensational case of murder of husband, wife and son of the same family by slitting their throats with a sharp weapon came to light on the night of 8th July in Kusmeeh Kala village of Nandganj police station area. A fourth member of the family went to see an orchestra in a nearby village. He was the only one left in the family. The police sent the body for postmortem and got busy with the investigation. A day later, on Tuesday, the police revealed the murder. The police said that the main accused in this triple murder is none other than Ashish, the fourth son of the family, who had gone to see the orchestra.

Had an affair with a neighbor girl

Police said that Ashish was having an affair with a girl living in the neighbourhood. Ashish wanted to marry her, but due to her young age, the family members were refusing the marriage. Big brother also stopped Ashish many times. Due to which he was angry with the whole family. Police said that three days ago, Ashish had hatched a plan to take the entire family off the road, but ran out of courage before he could carry out the crime.

Murder of sleeping parents and brother

On the day of the incident, when he returned home from watching the orchestra with his father and brother, he pretended to sleep with them all. While the brother and father were sleeping, Ashish killed the mother one after the other with a chatur kept in the house, which he himself had been carrying for the last three-four days, later the father and his children also beat the brother with a scabbard. However, after the throat was cut, the elder brother got up from the bed and reached the door, but due to profuse bleeding, he collapsed there and died.

After the murder, the accused went to see the orchestra

Gazipur SP Omveer Singh said that on the day of the incident, Ashish returned with his father from watching the orchestra and then killed everyone. After the murder, he again went to see the orchestra and asked his other companions to go home after 15-20 minutes. After this they all came home. Seeing dead bodies in the house, he started crying and screaming. The SP said that before committing the murder, Ashish gulped down a bottle of liquor kept by his father, due to which he was completely intoxicated. He had committed this incident under the influence of alcohol.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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