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Gautami-Kshitij marriage in ‘Antarpat’ is a grand success; the actors’ looks caught the attention

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The recently released new serial ‘Antarpat’ of Colors Marathi channel is being liked by the audience. Fans are liking the new series a lot. Rashmi Anpat and Ashok Dhage are in the lead roles in the serial. Gautami and Kshitij are going to get married soon in this serial. The audience is eager for their marriage. The wedding sequence has been shot. The look of Gautami and Kshitij i.e. Rashmi Anpat and Ashok Dhage has caught the attention of the audience.

This unique Mahasaptah of Gautami and Kshitij’s wedding will be shown on Colors Marathi and it has already begun. A few days ago, Gautami and her family offered tractors at the feet of Bappa in Shri Siddhivinayak Temple. After this, both of them got married in a very traditional manner.

After all this, the most important moment is the wedding. Marriage is a sanskar… a mirror of our culture. An important ritual in which we see different types of rituals and the differences that arise from them. But in today’s brightly lit halls, in this rush of doing different things in the name of trending, a simple, elegant but equally beautiful wedding that keeps the traditions and cultural pride of Maharashtra intact is the wedding of Kshitij and Gautami in Colors Marathi serial ‘Antarpaat’.

Gautami-Kshitij’s wedding ceremony will be held in a very beautiful and unique palace instead of a mandap. The palace is decorated with marigold flowers, which are considered important in Maharashtrian culture, without bright lights and decorations. Apart from this, rangoli, floral decorations and jewellery are typical of Marathmoli culture and for the guests to enjoy the Konkan, welcome drinks include Konkani Shahla Pani, Kokum Sherbet and Panha.

Modak will also leave a dahra of pure ghee for the guests who come. Apart from this, all these meals are served in banana leaves and in all these you will get to hear Marathi folk songs which will actually be performed by folk artists. That is, not only see the traditional glory but also hear it.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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