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Gautam Adani got angry on his birthday and made this person his target

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Adani Group Chairman Gautam AdaniImage Credit Source: PTI

Gautam Adani turned 62 on Monday i.e. June 24. On this occasion, he organized the Annual General Meeting i.e. Adani Group Annual General Meeting. At the AGM and on his birthday, Gautam Adani seemed very angry and once again attacked Hindenburg Research. He harshly attacked Hindenburg and said that this report was only intended to defame us. The report found no evidence of how the group was criticized. We also tell you what he said below…

Hindenburg strikes again

Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani once again spoke about the Hindenburg incident on the occasion of the group’s 32nd Annual General Meeting and his 62nd birthday. Regarding the American short seller’s report against the group last year, Adani said it was a conspiracy to defame us. It was a two-pronged attack, a vague criticism of our financial situation. Adani said we dealt with any volatility by pre-paying Rs 17,500 crore in margin-linked financing and kept our portfolio safe.

It is sealed

Gautam Adani said that the way the group is doing its job. All things are transparent. The type of commitment the group is showing. Rating agencies, financial groups and global investors such as GQG, Total Energies and US Development Finance Corp are putting their seal of approval on it. This is the reason why most of the Adani Group companies have emerged from Hindenburg’s influence. Stock prices have reached new record levels.

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When there was a loss of 150 billion dollars

Hindenburg in a report accused the group of stock manipulation and misusing tax havens, leading to a liquidation of all of Gautam Adani’s companies. So the market capitalization of the Adani Group decreased by $150 billion. After that, Adani Group started reducing all its debts and tried to gain the trust of investors. During that time, an American investment company called GQG showed confidence in Adani Group companies and invested heavily. Due to which the shares of Adani Group have started rising. Currently, Adani Group’s market capitalization has crossed Rs 16 lakh crore.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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