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Gang war in Kalyan Kolshewadi police station area, tension among citizens

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Gangwar Jhala Kalyan is in Kolshewadi Police Station area. A battle for supremacy is raging between the Naidu gang and the Dahi Chuha gang. A short distance from the police station is Rada Jhala and several train tracks have been vandalised. Attempts are being made by both the gangs to create terror in the Shivagarh area. After the complaint of the victimized citizens, the Kalyan Kolshewadi police have registered a case against both the accused and started searching for the absconding accused. Due to the gang war that took place not far from the police station, there is a panic among the citizens in the premises. So the question of law and order arises in Kalyan East, Vitthalwadi area.

Crime increased

Crime has been increasing in Vitthalwadi area for the past few days. Citizens are expressing anger due to increasing crime in Vitthalwadi complex. As such incidents happen in the police station area, a question mark has been raised on the proactivity of the police administration. Citizens have expressed concern over the increase in crime near Kolsewadi Police Station in the last few days.

Citizens have demanded special attention from the administration to curb the increasing crime in Vitthalwadi area. Kolsewadi Police Station has been reducing the number of criminals in the area for the past few days.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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