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From Pawan Singh to Ravi Kishan, Bhojpuri stars failed in the electoral fray, Bollywood stars hoisted the flag in the first attempt.

Arun Sharma

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What was the condition of film celebrities in Lok Sabha elections 2024?

The election is over. The results are out. Like every time, this time also the film stars tried their hand in the world of politics. Some of these artists registered wins, while there were others who disappointed. This time Bollywood’s Kangana Ranaut and TV’s Ram ie Arun Govil contested the elections for the first time and won. Nirhua and Pawan Singh lost the first election. This is not the first time that Bollywood and Bhojpuri stars have seen such a performance. It has been seen earlier that Bollywood stars have had a great political debut while Bhojpuri stars have not been able to create a special atmosphere in the elections initially.

Performance of Bhojpuri stars in their first election

Ravi Kishan- Ravi Kishan, who proved his acting skills in Bhojpuri and Bollywood films, did not have a good political journey. He had to face defeat. He contested the 2014 general elections and managed to get only 42,759 votes. He contested this election on behalf of Congress. But in the second term he contested from BJP and won by a huge margin of 3,01,664 votes.

Pawan Singh- Pawan Singh participated in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He was also in the news for many reasons. He contested as an independent candidate from the Karakat Lok Sabha seat in Bihar and lost by around 1 lakh votes.

Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua) Nirhua, the current biggest superstar of Bhojpuri cinema, also faced a major disappointment in his first Lok Sabha election. Like Pawan Singh, he lost badly. He contested from Azamgarh Lok Sabha seat of UP and lost by more than 1 lakh 50 thousand votes.

Bollywood stars perform in their first election

Kangana Ranaut- Actress Kangana Ranaut contested the 2024 Lok Sabha elections from Mandi seat in Himachal Pradesh. He defeated Congress’s Vikramaditya Singh by nearly 75,000 votes and made a grand debut in the world of politics.

Arun Govil- Actor Arun Govil, known as Ram of TV in the country, contested for the first time in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The actor contested from Meerut seat of UP. Opposite him was Samajwadi Party leader Sunita Verma. In this interesting contest, Arun Govil won the election with a margin of about 11 thousand votes.

Hema Malini- It has been two decades since Bollywood’s dream girl Hema Malini became a part of politics. The actress contested the election for the first time in 2014. He contested from Mathura seat of UP and won by a margin of more than 3 lakh 30 thousand. This time also Hema Malini’s winning streak continued and she won by a huge margin of around 3 lakh rupees.

Where did the stars of Bhojpuri cinema go wrong?

While on the one hand Bollywood stars are ahead in terms of popularity, on the other hand the stars of Bhojpuri cinema are not far behind. Bhojpuri stars have a good fan base. But the kind of reputation that Bollywood stars have created among the people, the stars of the Bhojpuri industry have not got. The quality of Bhojpuri films and songs are constantly being questioned. Apart from this, there are some Bhojpuri stars whose image is bad among people. In such a situation Bhojpuri stars have to bear losses during elections. This is the reason why stars of Bhojpuri industry could not win elections for the first time. And Bollywood stars capitalize on their image.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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