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‘From now on I will go by bullock cart but…’, officer’s anger erupted on social site when flight got delayed

Pratik Mehta

By Pratik Mehta

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Now is the era of social media. Through this medium, people share their bad experiences. From the experience of government work to the experience of any public service, they are sharing it through social media. Aditya Kondawar, the vice president of a startup company, shared on (Twitter) X that from now on I will pay 100% extra fare and travel by other company’s flight or even by bullock cart, but will not travel by Air India Express flight. Many people have reacted to his tremendous response on social media.

Recently, a person shared his experience after traveling from Bangalore to Pune by Air India flight. Aditya Kondawar, Vice President of a startup company (earlier Twitter), has shared his experience with Air India Airlines through a post on Twitter. In this, he wrote, ‘Dear Air India, thank you for teaching me a good lesson last night. I say this all seriously – I will never fly in Air India Express or Air India in my life – if needed, I will pay 100% extra and fly in any other company or even take a bullock cart. But Kondawar has written that this will not go to Air India’s share.

Kondawar further writes, ‘My 9.50 flight took off at 12.15/12.20. The flight stank everywhere and the seats were very dirty and stained. My day in Pune started at 1.50 am yesterday – walked through a large factory and attended several management meetings and reached home at 3 am. I have great respect for the Tata Group and its leaders – I always expect perfection from them but honestly, this is a disaster!’

Air India Express immediately responded to his post and promised to resolve the issue immediately. The company wrote- ‘Hi Aditya! We apologize for the inconvenience caused to your flight. Please note that this flight has been delayed due to reasons beyond our control. We will find out the reason for your experience and resolve the issue immediately.’

Read the post on X here –

Several comments

Many people have commented on Aditya’s post. One person wrote in the comment – Worse than this has happened to me flight Arrived 4 hours late. Another user claimed, ‘Sorry to hear this, but my case was worse than this. My seat was very dirty when I was flying from Doha to Delhi.’

Pratik Mehta

Pratik Mehta

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