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From Babitaji’s apology to Shailesh Lodha’s case, 16 controversies in 16 years that disappointed die-hard ‘Tarak Mehta’ fans.

Arun Sharma

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‘Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’ has been running for 16 years.Image Credit Source: Social Media

Sony SAB TV’s popular TV show ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’ has been entertaining viewers for the past 16 years. Inspired by the column ‘Duniya Ne Unda Chashma’ written by famous Gujarati writer Tarak Mehta, Asit Modi created the comedy sitcom ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’. The first episode of the show aired 16 years ago on 28 July 2008. But in this journey of 16 years, this famous show of the country and the actors of this show came into controversies many times. So let’s take a look at 16 controversies connected with Asit Modi’s show and the actors of this show.

1. The original Tappu is leaving the show

Bhavi Gandhi was cast for the role of Tappu in Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma. After playing the character of Tappu for 9 years, Bhavi decided to quit the show in the year 2017. A lot of efforts were made from the production side to stop Bhavya. But he had already made up his mind. According to media reports, Bhavya wanted to make a career in films and hence decided to quit the show. This decision has left fans as well as production houses upset with him.

2. Champak Chacha was targeted by MNS

In an old episode of Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma, Champak Chacha was shown saying Hindi, the language of Mumbai. After this dialogue, Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena threatened actor Amit Bhatt, who played the role of Jethalal’s father in the serial. After the MNS threat, Amit Bhatt and Asit Modi issued official statements apologizing for hurting people’s sentiments.

3. Misinformation was given about Lata Mangeshkar’s song

In an episode of Gokuldham Society aired in April 2022, the release year of the song ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon’ sung by Lata Mangeshkar was mentioned as 1965. People trolled the entire team of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’ for giving wrong information on National TV. When the production realized its big mistake, Asit Modi’s Neela Telefilm released a statement on Instagram saying, “We want to apologize to all the fans of ‘Tarak Mehta’. In the episode aired today, we mistakenly mentioned the release year of the song ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon’ as 1965. But actually the song was released on 26 January 1963. We are fixing this error and we promise to be more careful about these things in the future.

4. Babitaji apologized

Ahmedabad’s Vishwa Hindu Parishad regional secretary Ashok Rawal sent a notice to Munmun Dutta for using a racist term in his YouTube vlog. He was accused of using abusive language against Valmiki Samaj. Immediately after this controversy that happened 3 years ago, Munmun Dutta apologized to everyone and also removed that video from YouTube.

5. Raj Undukt-Munmun Dutta affair and engagement news

In the year 2021, ‘Tarak Mehta…’ The news of an affair between actress Munmun Dutta who played the character of Babita ji and Raj Undakat who played the character of ‘Tappu’ created a sensation on social media. There is a difference of 9 years in the age of both of them. Last year i.e. in the year 2023, it was also heard that both have got engaged. However, these rumors were denied by both Munmun and Raj. While posting the story on social media, Munmun said that she is not currently dating anyone. So Raj also opened up about his relationship with Munmun in an interview and said that there is no love relationship between the two.

6. Another tappuni out of the show

A few months after the news of the affair came, the second tappu of ‘Taarak Mehta’ i.e. actor Raj Undukt decided to quit the show. Meanwhile, news also went viral that she was quitting the show due to the growing closeness between her and Munmun Dutta. But it was said by Raj that he is saying goodbye to the show for his personal development.

7. Allegations of Mrs. Roshan Sodhi i.e. Jennifer Mistry

In May 2023, actress Jennifer Mistry, who played the role of Mrs. Roshan Sodhi in ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’, accused Asit Modi, the producer of the show, of sexual harassment. He also claimed that some members of the production misbehaved with him. The actress filed a complaint against Asit Modi and some members of his production team. In this year-long battle, the court ruled in Jennifer’s favor and also imposed a fine of ₹5 lakh on Asit Modi.

8. Allegation of influencing the case

Jennifer Mistry accused Asit Modi of influencing her case and witnesses connected to the case. He said many of the show’s actors had agreed to testify against the production. But the production house tried to manage the witnesses by paying their dues and others in other ways.

9. Allegations made by Rita’s journalist

Actress Priya Ahuja, who played the role of reporter Rita in ‘Taarak Mehta’, got married to the show’s director, Malav Rajda. Following the allegations against Jennifer Mistry’s production house, Priya also hit out at Asit Modi and her production house saying that they reduced her character’s screen space after marrying Malav.

10. Asit Modi came under attack from many artists for non-payment of dues.

In this journey of 16 years, many actors have said goodbye to ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’. Among these actors, Neha Desai, who plays Anjali Bhabhi, Shailesh Lodha, who plays ‘Taarak Mehta’, and Gurucharan Singh, who plays Roshan Sodhi, are accused of non-payment of production dues. These actors said that they have not been paid even after leaving the show.

11. Clarification given by the manufacturer regarding dues

After Neha Mehta accused Neela Telefilms of non-payment of dues, the production side released a statement denying the allegations. Responding to Neha Mehta, the production side wrote that we consider those who work with us to be our family. When the actors leave the show, they have to complete some formalities, after which their dues are given to them. Our team has been trying to contact Neha Mehta for the last 2 years. But we have not received any response from them. According to the information received from the sources, the dues of all the actors have been cleared from the production side.

12. Bavari got angry

Actress Monica Bhadauria was playing the role of Bavari in this famous serial of Jethalal. While talking about the bullying going on on the sets of ‘Taarak Mehta..’ in the year 2023, he said in an interview that even after his mother’s death, the production gave him strict instructions to return to work in 7 days. was When Monica tried to argue with the production about this, she was told that the production was paying her to work and thus she had to stand up whenever the production wanted.

13. Was Natu Kaka also tortured?

It was also claimed by Jennifer Mistry and Monica Bhadauria that actor Ghanshyam Nayak, who played the role of Nattu Kaka in ‘Taarak Mehta’, was also harassed on the sets of the serial. Monica said in an interview that Sohail (a member of the production team) also abused Ghanshyam Nayak. Ghanshyam Nayak died 3 years ago at the age of 77. But Nattu Kaka’s family has never supported the allegations leveled by Monica and Jennifer.

14. Shailesh Lodha left the show after getting upset

Shailesh Lodha, who played the title character in ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’, said goodbye to the serial after not getting permission from the production to do a new comedy show.

15. Case registered against the product

A year after bidding farewell to ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’, Shailesh Lodha claimed that he was not paid his due salary and hence filed a case against the production. The Mumbai Civil Court ruled in favor of Shailesh Lodha and ordered the production company to pay over Rs 1 crore due to him.

16. Disappearance of Gurcharan Singh

Actor Gurucharan Singh, who played the role of Roshan Sodhi in the serial, went missing from Delhi on 22 April 2024. On April 26, her father filed a missing complaint with the Delhi Police. He returned home after 25 days. It was being said that Gurucharan took this step due to financial crunch. Although Gurucharan talking about this said that currently he cannot give any information about this, but soon he will talk about this issue.

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