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Friendship, love marriage and then job… accountant wife reveals the truth about her relationship with carpenter husband.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The case of SDM Jyoti Maurya was in discussion in Uttar Pradesh. One such new case has now come to light in Jhansi district. It is alleged that here a wife left her husband after becoming an accountant. Both of them got married two years ago. Husband is a carpenter by profession. He taught his wife with the meager earnings he earned and took the full responsibility of preparing for a government job, but now that the wife has become an accountant, he leaves her husband. However, amidst all these controversies, Lekhpal’s wife came in front of the media and revealed her side.

On 10 July, the newly appointed Accountant Recruitment Certificate was distributed to the successful candidates. Richa, a resident of Jhansi, was also selected in the Lekhpal recruitment. Richa also came to the auditorium at the Collector’s office to collect the newly appointed certificate. Meanwhile, Richa’s husband Neeraj also came to the collector’s office. Neeraj starts to take Richa from the collector office, but Richa refuses to go with him. Seeing the fight between the two, the present policemen came there. Neeraj told the police that Richa left him after becoming his wife and accountant.

Richa and Neerj got married in court!

Seeing the seriousness of the matter, the officers present there sent both of them to the police station along with the police. In the police station, the police interrogated both of them and told them about their relationship. Regarding this, Neeraj told the police that he met Richa 5 years ago through a friend. The two became friends and never knew when the friendship turned into love. On 6 February 2022, the two got married in a court and started living together. Neeraj said that he works as a carpenter. It is a small income. When Richa asked her to prepare for a government job, he made Richa prepare for a government job and also paid the coaching fee.

Filled the wife’s recruitment form by herself

Neeraj said that when the recruitment for the post of accountant came in 2022, he filled Richa’s form himself. In 2023, Richa passed the accountant exam. Due to its success there was an open atmosphere in the house. Slowly time passed. Meanwhile, in January 2024, Richa left home saying to go to college, but did not return. When he reached his in-laws, his in-laws sent him back saying that Richa would not come to his parents’ house. Neeraj said that he lodged a complaint about Richa’s disappearance at the police station. Within a few hours, the police found Richa. Richa said she has become an accountant, while her husband is a carpenter. In such a situation there is no match between the two.

Certainly befriended Neeraj, but did not marry him.

Richa, who got a job as an accountant on Neeraj’s allegations, says that Neeraj is not her husband. Neeraj took advantage of her helplessness. She was definitely friends with Neeraj, but all the wedding videos featuring Neeraj are fake. Richa also refuted Neeraj’s claim that he educated Richa by working as a labourer. After this, when Richa became an accountant, she left her husband Neeraj. Richa claims that she paid for her education by paying tuition.

Left home because of friendship with Neeraj

Richa said that her family threw her out of the house because of her friendship with Neeraj. She was forced to stay at home with Neeraj for a month. Richa said that she is not married, but was photographed in her wedding clothes. Richa alleged that Neeraj would often come drunk and beat her. Richa’s family members say that the idea of ​​their daughter marrying Neeraj in the Orchha temple is wrong. Her daughter has not spoken to or met Neeraj for the past two years. Neeraj is harassing his daughter for no reason.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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