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For the last one year, the wife did not allow us to have sex, the husband cut the private part

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Ghazipur: Middle-aged person admitted to hospital

A shocking incident has come to light in Gazipur of Uttar Pradesh. Here a person who is unhappy with his married life cuts off his private part in anger. On getting the information, his family admitted him to a private hospital for treatment. On the other hand, after this incident, his wife also left him and went to his maternal uncle. According to the police, no one has yet filed a complaint regarding the incident. The incident was reported on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the villagers, a 55-year-old middle-aged man living in Suhawal village of Gazipur was having a rift with his wife. Despite living in the same house, the two did not speak to each other for the past one year. On Tuesday, the middle-aged man tried to resolve the dispute, but his wife rejected him. Enraged by this, the middle-aged man cut off his private part. When the wife came to know about this, she left the middle-aged man in the same condition and went to his parents’ house with the luggage.

The family is hiding the incident due to social stigma.

Here, the family members rushed the middle-aged man to the hospital, where he is undergoing treatment. After this incident, the family members of the middle-aged are avoiding talking to anyone. Not even a neighbor has been told in which hospital the middle-aged man is being treated. However, the incident started to be discussed vigorously on social media and other mediums. Everyone is surprised to know about this incident.

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Son and daughter are married

The big question is, why did a middle-aged man use this method to oppose his wife? According to the villagers, the middle-aged man lives and works as a bricklayer in his village and is the eldest among his four brothers and despite earning well, he is always troubled by the stress at home. According to the villagers, the middle-aged man has a son and two daughters among his children. All three are married. It is being told that the middle-aged man was married to a girl living in Zamania area about 30 years ago. Due to this girl’s behavior, the family got separated.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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