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Food blogger mocks Swara’s obesity, war on X, know the whole story

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Swara Bhaskar got angry with the food blogger

The debate between Swara Bhaskar and food blogger Nalini is fierce from the start. Since Nalini shared a photo with her food plate, she wrote that she is proud to be a vegetarian and that her plate is free of tears, cruelty and regret. Swara reacted to this. He wrote a long post saying that this is the time of Eid, avoid such posts. The discussion went on and posts came from both sides one after the other.

Nalini shared a collage of Swara’s photos, including an old photo of Swara. The second photo was recent. Sharing a photo of Swara, Nalini wrote, “What is she eating?” To this Swara retweeted her post and wrote, “They have a baby and Nalini is doing well.” On this response of Swara, Nalini wrote, “I was doing well, but you got in my way by spreading hate on my vegetarian post. I promote vegan things every day, and that post was a part of that. Your reaction made it a communal issue.

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Nalini’s answer

Nalini further wrote, “That’s why I didn’t reply that day. You have your choice of food and I have no problem with that. However, I am free to promote vegetarian items. Yes, I am vegetarian and I understand that dairy can be cruel in some ways. I will feel more proud when I become a vegan. You turned my post into a communal issue. You have a huge fan following. So please think twice before making such comments.

Food bloggers don’t stop here

Not stopping here, Nalini also wrote, “Your words can influence the society and cause great trouble to people like me. I admit my mistake of posting your pics and will delete them soon, don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes and end the hate against me.

Swara replied again

Swara again replied to Nalini’s post and wrote, “Let’s talk about this. You are angry that I raised questions on your post on veg supremacy, which was directly intended to target Muslims on Bakrid. exactly But instead of talking to me about vegetarianism, you choose to shame a mother who breastfeeds her baby for gaining weight?”

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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