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First oil saved lives, now a special train will boost the economy: such is the pride of India and Russia

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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First oil saved lives, now a special train will increase the glory of the economy,

During and even after Covid, India bought oil very cheap from Russia. Thanks to which the Indian economy benefited a lot. While the entire world was suffering losses due to oil, Russia helped India by providing oil at a very low price. Now there is talk of setting up a special train between India and Russia. Let us know how this special train will enhance the friendship and economy between India and Russia.

In fact, the North-South Corridor built between India and Russia has made history. For the first time, two trains heading to India have left through this corridor. Both trains from Kuzbass to India depart via the North-South international transport corridor. Russian Railways has confirmed the departure of both trains.

Putin sent a special gift to his friend India

Now we will talk about Putin’s train that comes directly from Russia to India. Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Moscow, his friend Russia sent a gift to India. Yes, two trains carrying coal from Russia will reach India. Two trains come from Russia’s Siberia region to Mumbai via Iran. This is the first time that a train from Russia has reached India after traveling such a long distance. The name of the route you will use is North South International Transport Corridor, i.e. INSTC. Now let us tell you about the international importance of this route and how it will enhance the prestige of the economy of both countries.

What is INSTC?

INSTC is a multi-modal network of about 7,200 kilometres in length, meaning it uses rail, road and sea routes. It directly connects India with Russia via Central Asia. Trains from Russia will reach Mumbai by sea from the Chabahar port in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran. That is, where there is a railway line, trains will run, and where there is a sea route, goods will be transported by sea vessels.

How will the glory of the economy increase?

INSTC connects Russia with India through the Iranian port of Chabahar. This is very important for Indian companies. Due to the Ukraine war, Russia faces restrictions on maritime trade, in such a situation the economic and strategic importance of this corridor increases even more. Its importance for India is because India sees it as an alternative to China’s ambitious Belt and Road initiative.

Last month, India took over management of the Iranian port of Chabahar for an initial period of 10 years. The deal is a boost for INSTC as the port will serve as an important node in INSTC. This regional connectivity will transform trade with the landlocked countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan and provide an alternative route connecting the region with Russia and then Europe. INSTC will enable Indian entrepreneurs to access Central Asia more easily and cost-effectively. Experts believe this will increase India’s reach to countries like Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan and the Baltic and Nordic countries.

INSTC will become an alternative to this route

INSTC is also considered an alternative to the Suez Canal trade route. According to a BBC report, around 12 percent of world trade, one million barrels of oil and 8 million barrels of natural gas pass through the canal every day. The war between Israel and Hamas has made this route unsafe. In such a situation, the INSTC corridor can be an important route that India needs to increase its trade in Central Asia. If India starts leveraging Chabahar port for INSTC route, energy, pharmaceuticals, IT, healthcare, agriculture, textiles and gems and jewelery will benefit immensely.

10 countries included in the broker network

The network of this corridor includes 10 countries around the world. It will be used more than other routes. The reason is that it will be 30 percent cheaper and 40 percent shorter than the Suez Canal route. That means that if it takes 10 days to reach via the Suez Canal, then this route will take only 6 days.

Due to international sanctions, Russia wants to increase the use of this route. With its help, India will be directly connected to Central Asia. In addition, this will also increase the use of Chabahar, which is currently managed by India.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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