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Fight wearing a saree…; Poorva Kaushik talks about her experience of playing the character of ‘Shiva’

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The serial ‘Shiva’ with its unique story is in a lot of discussion at this time. Actress Poorva Kaushik has shared her experience of working in the serial ‘Shiva’. Shiva, who was earlier seen in shirt and jeans, is now seen in a saree. The experience of fighting in a saree was told earlier. The experience of doing fight scenes in a saree was very good. I never thought that I would do this earlier in my life but I am really happy that I got to do all this for this series. Poorva said that small fights in the serial were done in shirt and pants, but when the discussion of doing fight scenes in a saree started, there was a bit of pressure because it should look impressive and effective on the TV screen.

What did Purva say about the fight scene in saree?

The serial ‘Shiva’ has made a place in the hearts of the audience in a short time. This series seems to be very popular among the audience. Shiva’s style has become famous in every house, whether it is Shiva’s shirt-pants and boycut or his saree look after marriage. Now Shiva’s fight scene in a saree is being discussed everywhere. Shiva aka Poorva Kaushik shared her experience of shooting a fight scene in a saree.

Experience of performing ‘Shiva’

I was tensed whether that expression, body language would be suitable with that costume. While doing these scenes, the experience was incredible. Such a moment in any actor’s life is a milestone in his acting journey and I experienced that moment. Poorva said that when the fight scene was being shot, we were shooting everything under the guidance of the fight master and taking all the necessary precautions.

I first thought if I can wear it with a saree and heeled sandals, Shiva is trying to look new. So how would it look and it turned out exactly as expected. I really enjoyed the harness. Poorva also said that honestly it did not require much practice and the guru was also very good.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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