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Fadnavis, who is engaged in resignation, will meet Amit Shahanchi in the capital Kunkade for the post of Home Minister?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Maharashtra has suffered a major setback due to BJP’s poor performance in the Lok Sabha elections. BJP will have 23 MPs in 2019. Only 9 MPs of Maharashtra BJP were elected in 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Or party leaders have suffered a major setback due to slurs. Accepting responsibility for the defeat, BJP leader and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis expressed his readiness to resign from the post of Deputy Chief Minister.

Today is the meeting of BJP’s parliamentary party and Devendra Fadnavis has reached Delhi for this evening. Asun Rajinamaji expressed his desire to meet Amit Shah today and during a press conference on Wednesday evening, Fadnavis urged the government to accept moral responsibility for the defeat. After which Amit Shah called Fadnavis and discussed with him. What name Fadnavis has in mind, Shah knows his feelings. Know the detailed information. And or Mudyawar Delhit Alyawar, should I discuss directly, this is what Shahe Fadnavis calls.

Who holds the post of Home Minister?

Finally, after the meeting of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah today, the reasons for the defeat in the state will be reviewed. Fadnavis is ready to resign. As soon as he resigned, the question has now arisen as to where the post of Home Minister will go. Therefore, it will be important not to change Devendra Fadnavis’ mind or to ensure that both the leaders get publicity. As soon as the Delhi government is in full swing and what’s next, some lofty goals are being achieved.

Big blow to BJP in elections

In the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has faced a major defeat in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. In 2014 and 2019, more than 40 MPs will have been elected from the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. Only the electoral figure is only 17. BJP will have 23 MPs in 2019. Only 9 MPs of Maharashtra BJP were elected in 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Baba Asun, who has been pushing hard for the party, is said to be ready to step down as Deputy Chief Minister, taking responsibility for any poor performance in the state.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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