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Exams to be held in other districts, identification through barcode-unique ID… Yogi govt’s crackdown after paper leak

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

The Yogi government has decided to take strict measures to prevent rigging and paper leaks in all types of examinations in UP. The government has released new guidelines. This policy has been announced on Thursday. The policy, which was made on the instructions of CM Yogi, decided that the responsibility of one recruitment test would be given to four different agencies.

UP government is taking a very strict stance after the issue of exam paper leak across the country including Uttar Pradesh. A new policy has been issued on the directives of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to prevent leakage of recruitment exam papers and end manipulation. Recently, apart from UP Police Recruitment, RO-ARO Paper Leak, TGT Paper also leaked in the state. Now after the alleged malpractices in NEET PG, the UGC NET exam has also been canceled after the paper was leaked, so this is a big decision amid questions being thrown at the government.

The exam will be conducted in two shifts

The new guidelines state that now, except for women and the disabled, all other candidates will have to go outside their home district to take the exam. If there are more than four lakh candidates then the exam will be conducted in two shifts i.e. streams. Apart from this, scanning of OMR sheet will be done at the examination organizing commission and board itself to prevent malpractice in the result. Apart from this, norms have also been fixed for examination centres, whereby schools and colleges without funds will not be made examination centres. There will also be coding on the question paper, which will include unique barcode, QR code, unique serial code. Boxes carrying forms will also be provided with tamper proof multi-layer packaging. The scanned and signed photograph will be matched at the examination center during the examination. Aadhaar card and biometric matching of candidates will be done at the examination center itself.

Sets will be selected five hours in advance

Giving information about this, Additional Chief Secretary of Personnel Department, Devesh Chaturvedi, said that there will be a ban on carrying mobile phones in the printing press where question papers are printed. Absolute confidentiality will be maintained in the selection of printing press. People coming and going for the press will be screened. It will be mandatory for every person to have an ID card. CCTV cameras will be installed around the press, its recording will be preserved for 1 year. Papers will be printed in more than two sets for each examination. It will be decided shortly before the exam which set of papers will be sent. The examination center will be within 10 km from railway, bus station and treasury. This policy has been prepared in the Personnel Department of Govt.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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