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Ex-DTC marshals demand from Atishi to reinstate or employ them

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Delhi Water Minister Atishi

There is water shortage in many areas of Delhi. There is a lot of politics going on about this. Delhi Water Minister Atishi is on an indefinite fast over the water crisis. The second day of his fast is on Saturday, June 22. Meanwhile, the ex-marshal of DTC reached Atishi’s satyagraha in Bhogal with his demands.

The former marshals of DTC say that they have now written to Minister Atish and have also given an ultimatum that if a satisfactory decision is not taken by tomorrow i.e. June 23 Sunday, they will approach the Water Minister along with their families. Will protest against water satyagraha. In fact, the marshals have demanded through a letter that around 10,000 CDVs i.e. Civil Defense Volunteers working as bus marshals in DTC, who were sacked, be reinstated or provided with other employment.

‘Fasting will continue till water is not available’

Meanwhile, the doctor did a health checkup of the minister who was on hunger strike. The Aam Aadmi Party issued a post on social media saying that Minister Atishi’s blood pressure, weight and sugar level have come down. Along with this, the caption also says that no matter how much trouble the people of Delhi have to endure, the fast will continue till the people of Delhi get their due.

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Minister Atishi gave a video message from his Jal Satyagraha site in South Delhi’s Bhogal. In which she has said that she will not eat anything and will continue the strike until Haryana releases more water for the people of Delhi. Meanwhile, he said that 28 lakh people in the capital are suffering from water shortage.

Haryana government accused of withholding water

The minister, who went on an indefinite fast on Friday, has accused the Haryana government of withholding water. He says that Haryana does not release the water of Delhi’s share in Yamuna river. He said that Haryana released 11 crore gallons per day (MGD) less water on Friday. He said that one MGD of water supplies water to 28,000 people. A water shortage of 100 MGD means that 28 lakh people in Delhi are not getting water. Along with this, he also said that the people of Delhi have to depend on the neighboring states for water.

Atishi attacked the BJP

Along with this, the minister has attacked the BJP for opposing him. In fact, some people reached where the minister was fasting and started raising slogans against him. Targeting the BJP, the minister said that people had come to harass and attack. She said that she was following the path of Satyagraha taught by Gandhi, so she was not afraid of these things. He made it clear that his fast will continue till the 28 lakh people of Delhi get water.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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