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‘EVM machine was managed’, Jitendra Awadh’s big claim

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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“We don’t trust EVMs. What democratic people have in mind is more important. If someone says that EVMs are not managed, then he is completely wrong. EVMs were managed. The Election Commission had told the court that EVMs give results in four hours. In many constituencies, it took more than 24 hours. It was also seen that there were irregularities in the counting of EVMs. For example, Ravindra Waikar vs Amol Kirtikar, that is, the counting was deliberately left out. EVMs have a calculator. So how can there be errors in that calculator?”, asked Nationalist Sharad Chandra Pawar MLA Jitendra Awadh in a press conference.

“What people believe in should happen. If people believe in ballot paper then ballot paper should be given. I present before you what people think. What did the opposition party do to the public? They misled them so people voted. People still had doubts that we will vote for you. But they have no idea where they will go. If there is any doubt about where these votes will go, then clear the doubt and go straight to the ballot paper. If America can use ballot paper, why should India have so much arrogance?”, asked Jitendra Awadh.

What did Jitendra Awadh say on Manusmriti?

“40 people contesting the elections said we will change the Constitution. Anand Kumar Hegde had said ten years ago that we will change the Constitution. If the Bharatiya Janata Party gives him the required numbers, we will change the Constitution. You created doubts. People did not vote when they had doubts. Efforts to bring back Manusmriti have already begun in Maharashtra. Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar is saying that if some good verses of Manusmriti have been brought in the book, then why is it bad?”

“It was a brilliant entry. He wanted to bring the entire Manusmriti in the book. Which Manusmriti should our children read in school? The government tried to hush up the issue by putting me forward. But I will not let them pressurise me. We will not believe until Kesarkar comes and says that I am wrong and we will not bring Manusmriti in the book. He is the education minister. The NCRT decision has also been taken,” claimed Jitendra Awad.

“Several times in the last ten years he has asked to change the Constitution. Many MLAs and MPs have also made such statements in their campaign speeches. What does a senior minister mean when he says he is going to change the Muslim Personal Law? The fundamental rights in the Constitution also include the right to religion. The right to religion says that the practices of my religion will be protected,” Awad said.

“Everyone has a religious book. Muslims also have a religious book according to the rules, partners of each person. Why would you want to go against those rules? If you want to change it then you have to touch the right to religion. It is a simple calculation which means you are involved in the fundamental right and that means you have to change the Constitution. What do you say, the Constitution was not going to change. 100 percent the Constitution was going to be changed. But the Bahujan Samaj recognized this game and broke it”, said Jitendra Awadh.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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