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Etawah: The station master fell asleep, the train’s pilot continued to play the horn… now sir will not stop!

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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At Udi Mode railway station in Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah district, the pilot of the train kept blowing the horn for half an hour and the deputy station superintendent was sleeping. Due to this carelessness, a major unpleasant incident could have happened. In this case of gross negligence, after the officer of Agra Railway Division sent a notice to the Deputy Station Superintendent, a charge sheet has now been issued by the department. A month and a half ago, the people of the Patna-Kota Express train kept asking the pilot for green signal to proceed but the Deputy SS on duty fell asleep for half an hour due to sleepiness. When the railway officials came to know about this, there was a rush. The Senior Divisional Operations Manager of Agra Division has given him a charge sheet and has asked for a reply within a month. After which departmental action will be taken against Deputy SS.

According to the information, on May 3 last at around 5 am, the Patna-Kota Express train stopped at the important Udi railway station in Etawah district. The train pilot continued to blow the horn for almost half an hour seeking a signal from the station master. But the Deputy Station Superintendent Dilip Kumar, who was on duty, fell asleep at that time. Due to which the train horn did not reach his ears and he slept on duty for almost half an hour. However, there was no other train movement at the Udi Mode railway station at the time when the incident took place. But this gross negligence of the Deputy Station Master led to a very unpleasant incident.

The station superintendent has to reply within one month

After blowing the horn of the Patna Kota Express train for half an hour, the station master opened his eyes and then gave the green signal to the train to proceed. As soon as the DRM of Agra Division and other officials came to know about this in the morning of the incident, there was an uproar in the railways. After the matter came to media attention, the department issued a notice to the negligent Deputy Station Superintendent who was on duty at the time. After which the charge sheet has been given to Deputy SS. The station superintendent accused of negligence has to file his reply within one month of receiving the charge sheet. Based on which the railway department will take action against this negligence.

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Prashasti Srivastava, Public Relations Officer of Agra Division, informed that, considering this matter, Rishikesh Maurya, Senior Divisional Operations Manager of Agra Division, has given a charge sheet to Udi Mode Deputy Station Superintendent. They have to respond within one month of receiving the charge sheet. The department will decide the course of action based on the reply of the accused of negligence. At present it is difficult to say what action will be taken.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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