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Etawah: Shalini Shukla becomes ‘Shanu’, changes her gender with dowry money.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Shalini Shukla of Etawan has now become ‘Shanu Shukla’. Sanu has not only changed his name but also his body shape. Shalini had to spend lakhs of rupees for this gender change. The family was not in a position to spend such a large amount, but Shalini’s family granted her wish by giving an additional amount for the dowry. Shalini was a normal girl before gender transition. She didn’t have any kind of problem, but she wanted to live like a boy, so she changed her gender after the consent and cooperation of her family.

In today’s scientific age, progress is being made in every field. Gender change is also a part of this category. Shanu (28), a resident of Sultanpur village in Etawah district, was Shalini a year ago, but since childhood she loved being like boys and playing with them. Due to which Shalini explained this to her family and with their support, from the year 2021 she went ahead to realize her dream of gender change under the guidance of doctors.

I loved playing and jumping with boys.

Shanu Shukla said that due to gender dysphoria, she liked to live as a boy since childhood and loved to spend time playing with boys. When she learned about gender reassignment surgery, she decided to change her gender and got her family’s consent and support. Sometimes he got mixed reactions from people socially, but he had already made up his mind.

Shanu Shukla said that a person has to go through different stages for gender change, the first process is through psychological evolution, which requires the permission of a psychologist. After that, hormone therapy and then surgery is done. So far 6 to 7 lakh rupees have been spent in this process. This amount will be spent in future as well, for which you will have to apply to the District Magistrate to change your certificate as soon as possible, so that you can get a job as soon as possible.

Job loss due to gender transition

Sanu has done GNM Diploma. Before this he was working in a hospital in Delhi. She lost her job during the gender transition process. After getting the certificate, you will be able to find a job and take care of your family like a son. Sanu said that after gender transition in my life my life is filled with confidence, enthusiasm and joy and I am feeling better than before. So one thing I must say is that those who want to change their gender should not be looked down upon. Everyone should respect their feelings and freedom of thought and such people should be generally accepted in the society. Currently Sanu has no job so he is helping his father in farming.

The doctor of Saifai Medical College gave the information

Saifai Medical College General Surgery Department Prof. Dr. Somendra Pal said, due to the symptoms of gender dysphoria, girls often want to live like boys and boys want to live like girls, but because of the fear of society, they avoid the disease. Afraid to tell about these changes when he wants to normalize his life, he decides to undergo gender reassignment surgery. However, transgender people are viewed differently in society and people ask them many questions.

Age should be above 21 years for gender change

Dr. Somendra Pal said that gender change surgery is a challenging task. It costs millions. One should be mentally prepared before doing this surgery. After that hormone therapy is done. Then before a woman becomes a man, the male’s private parts are developed by removing the breast. Dr. Somendra said that a psychiatrist, surgeon, gynecologist and neurosurgeon are also present in the gender reassignment surgery process and the age of the person should be at least 21 years for this surgery.

(Reporting by Uvaish Chaudhary/Etawah)

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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