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Electricity expensive in Delhi, effective from May… you have to pay so much extra money

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Now electricity consumers in Delhi are going to get a shock. Electricity distribution companies are going to increase the Power Purchase Adjustment Charge (PPAC) by 8%, which will increase the price of electricity. These increased prices will be applied to electricity consumed from May 1. PPAC will be included in the bill due in July.

PPAC has been increased up to 8 percent. This led to an increase of 6.15% in BYPL areas and 8.75% in BRPL areas. The increase will be reflected in the bill due in July. This increase will last for 3 months. After this, DERC will decide the electricity rates based on the application of power companies. BYPL’s area includes parts of East and Central Delhi. At the same time, BRPL’s area includes areas of South Delhi and West Delhi.

Minister Atishi blamed the BJP

With the rise of PPAC, politics has also started. Delhi Electricity Minister Atishi has accused the BJP of spreading illusions. He has said that the BJP is spreading lies that the Delhi government has hiked electricity prices and hiked the PPAC. BJP’s problem is that in whichever state they are in government, electricity is the most expensive in the country. There is 8 hour power cut in summer in places like Faridabad, Noida, Gurugram, Greater Noida etc. in BJP ruled states around Delhi. BJP itself cannot solve the problem of electricity in its own states and is making false allegations on the Delhi government.

Delhi government has not increased prices – Atishi

Minister Atishi said that DERC has a clear mandate that PPAC charges cannot be increased. This previous order will remain in force till September. But discoms have a provision that they can increase the PPAC up to 7% for a short period of time, especially in summer when the demand for power is highest and when they have to buy electricity at a higher price. He said this applies only when he has purchased expensive electricity. He said that this provision has been in force for the last ten years.

Often in summer when power demand is highest, discom companies are increasing the PPAC by up to 7 percent. Electricity price has not been hiked by Delhi government or DERC, I would appeal to BJP not to spread illusion.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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