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Does Foxconn, maker of Apple’s iPhone, not employ married women in India? what’s the whole deal

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Foxconn is the supplier of Apple’s iPhone

Apple Inc., one of the world’s leading technology companies, has recently increased its iPhone production in India. It is also working on a plan to start production of its other devices in India. In India, this work is done by its main supplier, Foxconn. The news about Foxconn is that in India it is rejecting job applications from married women at its plant in South India. What is all this business…?

Reuters has said in one of its investigative reports that in March 2023, two women named Parvati and Janaki go to the Foxconn factory in search of work. Both are under 30 years old. The guard present at the factory gate asks them if they are married and returns them when they answer yes.

Parvati and Janaki couldn’t believe it.

When the agency questioned Parvati about this, she said that the autorickshaw driver who took her from the bus stop to the factory gate had also said that the company does not employ married women. Neither of them completely believed what the autorickshaw driver said. They both still went there to give each other a chance, but had to return backstage.

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Foxconn’s position is confirmed

When Reuters investigated further, some 17 employees associated with Foxconn confirmed this attitude of the company on condition of anonymity. The agency named former Foxconn India human resources executive S. Quoting Paul, it writes that the company, under a system, excludes married women from getting jobs at its main iPhone assembly factory in India. The reason for this is that married women have more responsibilities than single women.

S. Paul says that these rules related to hiring are communicated orally to company executives. This is also transmitted to the company’s recruitment agencies. This way, if women get married during the interview itself, they are eliminated from the race to get the job.

Married women wear jewelry

S. Paul left his job at Foxconn in August 2023 and started working at a consulting company. He said the reason Foxconn doesn’t hire married women is “social and cultural pressure” on them. According to the company, women have to face many problems after marriage, especially when they have children after marriage.

S. Paul’s views have also been supported by 17 other Foxconn employees. Of those, more than a dozen have been associated with Foxconn’s recruiting agency. Sources associated with Foxconn HR rated family duties, pregnancy, etc. as risk factors and said that is why the company hires married women at the plant near Chennai. Another reason is the wearing of jewelry by married women, which can affect production.

Questions arose about company policy even in 2022

Foxconn’s ban on hiring married women is not full-time. In this regard, citing three former human resources executives of the company, it is said in the news that when production demand is high or when there is a shortage of labor, then this rule is relaxed. At the same time, sometimes recruitment agencies also ask women to hide their marital status to get a job.

The agency had also asked Apple and Foxconn about it in 2022. It had acknowledged this problem in its hiring policy and promised to fix it soon. However, the latest incidents are from 2023 and 2024. By the way, let us tell you that Foxconn CEO Young Liu was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India in 2024.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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