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Do you want to stay alive?, Navnath Waghmare shocked by threat call; still no security

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Jalna: There has been a dispute between OBCs and Marathas in the state. OBC leader Navnath Waghmare, who is on a hunger strike in Vadigodri demanding no compromise on OBC reservation, has received death threats. So there is excitement. The person threatening you asks you whether you want to live or not. This time my phone was with my colleague. But Waghmare has said that the threat was given thinking that I am the one talking.

Navnath Waghmare, also an OBC leader, sat on a hunger strike in Vadigodri along with Prof. Laxman Hake. After 10 days of fasting, they were assured that the SEZSOYAR ordinance will not be implemented immediately. After this, with the mediation of Minister Chhagan Bhujbal, both the OBC leaders ended their hunger strike. Navnath Waghmare also said that he himself will not ask for police protection, if the police is concerned then he will provide protection.

We have been facing threats from mafias and communalists for many years. But Navnath Waghmare has also said that I am not afraid of threats. In this regard, OBC supporters of Vadigodri have given a statement to the Superintendent of Police of Jalanya. Waghmare has also said that if the police administration provides security, then we will accept it.

While there was tension between the OBC and Maratha community, now on Monday, Maratha protesters in Sambhajinagar attacked Dr. Ramesh Tarkh. There was an incident in which Ramesh Tarkh’s face was smeared with soot. Dr. Ramesh Tarkh was hanged for opposing the hunger strike of Maratha reservation agitator Manoj Jarange in Antarvali Sarati. In a democracy, everyone has the right to speak their mind. A black person is a herd. Here is an attempt to suppress the voice of the law. He must have protested because it would cause trouble to schools, laborers and others. Gram Panchayat members were also with him. In response to this, OBC leader Laxman Hek has said that it is illegal to put pressure on the face in this way.

Any movement should be legal and systematic. People should not be disturbed by it. It is not right to tarnish the image of a highly educated person. The Home Department should look into this. Anything can happen tomorrow. It is not yet known what the Jarangs are demanding. They are making such demands which are not being accepted. They are completely political. There is a complete political conspiracy behind them. Prof. People also know whom they are promoting. Laxman Hek said.

Patil was considered a scholar…but

Manoj Jarange He has said that he is going to do a blast. Let’s see what happens with that blast, but he has said that the blast should not be illegal. He always wants to burst his own bubble. Till now we considered Vinod Patil a scholar. But Vinod Patil has accused me of being a Dhangar and agitating for OBC. But Dhangar society is not in OBC? Do not discriminate against people? Does not even study Jarange Kadi. Laxman Hake also said that we are all united for reservation of OBC.

If Maratha society lagged behind then who moved ahead?

Reservation is for backward classes. If Marathas are backward then who has gone ahead? Maharashtra government should bring forward the imperial data. Who has gone ahead from the blacksmith, potter, gardener Maratha community? But the government is running away from the imperial data. Jarange should not mislead the youth. If the youth of Maratha community have to be uplifted then the government has many schemes. Jarange should tell where did the government jobs go in privatization and upliftment?

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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