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Didn’t the government have anything else to do? What is the name of Lakshmana’s rule?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Be it Kunbi or Nondi. And no one can stop them. Because Mandal Ayog is basically Kunbi. Kunbi does not cancel documents. But the Marathas did not want to bring anything forward. Kunbi is a different category. Khandesh Kunbi lives in the gorges of Girna river, Khaya Kunbi is their guide. Manoj Jarange has no knowledge of Mandal Commission or any construction project. Ayyagala bolnaam means paravarchya gappa hai, asan lakshman hake kela yaye ahe.

Arakshanchaya Muddyavar Commentary

Only Hindus and OBCs can get reservation. While the Muslim Kasar can also go to that place and inquire. What else is the function of government? This is not a principle of justice, but a principle of intrusion. Kunbi is written by hand. Vasantrao Naik Mahamandala Fund not available Mahajyoti La Fund not available Reservation is not the only solution. OBCtuns are human beings just like us and just like government men. It is managed, said Laxman Hake.

Tomorrow you will not get any representation in Panchayat Raj. OBC brothers, you have to support us, this politician will do nothing. Government leaders visited or not. Or yes, there is no subject. In Maharashtra we will come or do a mass movement. Sing the Samtech Tattva incident, O Samantela Paidali Tudvatat. Everyone should call Shivaji Maharaj Mawla. It had people of all castes and religions. As Laxman Hake has said, he never talked about caste discrimination.

Jarangenwar Lakshya

If something is not a habit, it will not come again. How can man rise and how will the order of this world remain on this earth? I want to express my condolences to your Chief Minister. Reservation is not a solution to change your life. For that there is a government…. Or the government will talk about the OBC community. This government is only for a certain caste. You were reluctant to fund Mahajyotila. Jarange has not gone to the people’s court, Chief Minister, MLA, MP was never yours, Laxman Hake has criticized Manoj Jarange as he said.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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