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Did the Kanchenjunga Express tragedy happen because of this? Big carelessness exposed! Questions raised on Railways

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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5 killed in train accident.

Many questions are now being raised regarding the Kanchenjunga Express train accident in New Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. Three cases of gross negligence have come to light in the accident. Kanchenjunga Express was hit hard by a speeding goods train at 8.45 am today. The accident was so serious that three bogies of the express train were badly damaged. In which eight people died. While 25 people have been injured. Rescue work is still going on.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the accident was due to a signal problem. A goods train collided with the Kanchenjunga Express without signaling. According to railway sources, the goods train collided with the Kanchenjunga Express due to a fault in the signaling system.

As per Indian Railways instructions, trains from North Bengal to Kolkata are given priority. At Jalpaiguri, where the accident took place, Kolkata-bound trains are sent to the track first. There are separate tracks here for trains of other routes. When there is no train passing through this track for Kolkata, in that case other trains can be dispatched from there. But here the first negligence came to light when the Kanchenjunga Express was passing through this track, then how the goods train reached here. In such circumstances, he had to pass through another track. The biggest negligence in this accident is considered.

Another negligence brought to light in this case was that the goods train was overloaded and was also overspeeding. At the same time, the speed of Kanchenjunga Express was 60 to 70 kilometers per hour. Due to this, two bogies of the passenger train broke into pieces when it collided with the Kanchenjunga Express. A bogie was left hanging in the air. The scene of the accident was very scary.

The third negligence also came to light that when the Kanchenjunga Express was stopped, the railway employees present were not informed about it? If that was the case, the goods train would not have been allowed to pass on that track.

The incident is under investigation

At present, teams of Railway Police, State Police and Administration are investigating the accident. Five people killed in the accident are also being identified. Rescue teams are present at the spot. After the accident, the passengers trapped in the train were pulled out by cutting the bogie with a gas cutter. Some passengers were also stranded on the tracks. They were also rescued with great difficulty. Rescue work is still going on. Loco pilot of the freight train has been seriously injured in this accident. The rest of the pilots are also being questioned.

Helpline numbers issued

On the other hand, a special helpline booth (helpline numbers) has been set up at Sealdah station, following the rear-end collision of Down Kanchenjunga Express near New Jalpaiguri. Helpline numbers are:- 03323508794, 033-23833326. Passengers seeking information or assistance regarding the incident can contact this number. An additional help desk is also being set up at Naihati station to provide more assistance to passengers. Helpline Number in Naihati:-Railway No. 39222. BSNL No. 033-25812128.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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