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Did MBA, didn’t get a job… Went to Banaras and hanged himself, wife jumped from building in Gorakhpur after hearing news of death

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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File photo of deceased Harish and Sanchita

A youth struggling with unemployment committed suicide by hanging himself in Banaras. When the wife got the news of her husband’s death, she committed suicide by jumping from her parents’ building. Due to the death of husband and wife, the family was filled with sadness. The deceased’s husband was wandering in search of a job for the last two years. He was a resident of Bihar. He had been staying with his wife at his in-laws’ house for some time now.

What could be more unfortunate than that Harish and Sanchita’s love ends in the same city where their love blossomed. Harish was a resident of Barah in Bihar while Sanchita was the daughter of a prominent doctor from Gorakhpur. The two fell in love while studying at a prestigious school in Rajghat, Banaras. Both got married after doing MBA. Harish got a job in a private bank in Mumbai where the package was also good. Both started living in Mumbai.

The request to go to Patna reached Banaras.

After some time, Sanchita’s health started to deteriorate. Sanchita’s doctor father brought her to Gorakhpur. where his treatment was initiated. After a few months, Harish also left his job and came to Gorakhpur and stayed at his in-laws’ house. He was looking for a job for the last two years and became addicted to drugs. The free lifestyle began to further increase his financial burden. On 5 July, Harish left Gorakhpur, asking to go to Patna, but instead of going to Patna, he came to Banaras and stayed at a home stay in Mavaiya, Sarnath.

He committed suicide by hanging himself in the home stay

Harish was staying in a home stay in Atal Nagar Colony, Mavaiya, Sarnath and committed suicide by hanging himself on Friday night. Before committing suicide, he had booked a room online for a home stay. He also checked in at 8 pm on Friday night. Meanwhile, during the home stay, he ordered food online. When this message reached his wife Sanchita Srivastava’s mobile phone, she wondered why her husband reached Banaras instead of Bihar? He called Harish but it was not received.

She kept calling him, but there was no response from her husband. Due to which the family members started getting worried. He contacted one of his relatives and told him the whole story and gave him the address where Harish lived. When the relative went to the home stay and inquired about the news, they got information about Harish’s suicide.

Sanchita committed suicide by jumping from the building

Sanchita’s family members were informed about this on Saturday. On Sunday morning when the doctor father informed Sanchita about this and asked her to go to Patna. Sanchita was stunned to hear the news of her husband’s death. He committed suicide by jumping from the third floor of the house. Sanchit’s death caused confusion in the family. Police reached the spot after receiving the information. The body was sent for postmortem. On the other hand, the postmortem of Harish’s body has also been done. Now the biggest confusion before the police is why Harish who left for Patna stayed in Banaras? Is there any Moksha angle, as many incidents of suicide for liberation have come to light in Banaras, now Sarnath Police is investigating from this angle as well.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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