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Devendra Fadnavis’ support for caste-free census; Big claim of Chhagan Bhujbal

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Today is the ninth day of the fast started by OBC leaders. After the important meeting held in the presence of Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, the government delegation has arrived today. The OBC leaders in the government today met the OBC leaders settled in Uposhanla. Or speaking Chhagan Bhujbal once again demanded a casteless census.

Chagan Bhujbal said that whatever Mahatma Phoolyan said, Shahu Maharajani said. That Babasaheb framed the constitution and gave us justice. I don’t drive around in any car carrying everything. She is Annala Motaz. What is their status? There is a reservation for this. Apart from that, our work will be done only if there is a change.

Many leaders have failed in elections.

Pankaja Tai stood up. He never opposed them. Tahiri or the people opposed it. Everyone jumped together. He was punished by knowing Mahadev. We will not go to the Lok Sabha. We will not go to the assembly. We will not let you into the jurisdiction. We want reservation only in Lok Sabha and Assembly till there is no such thing. That is why it is said that the war is not over, the war continues. Who knows, this is who we are today. We are more in Lok Sabha. Only in the assembly is more.

Fadnavisani provided support – Bhujbal

‘We demanded. There is a demand in the country and in Maharashtra. Devendra Fadnavis declared his support for caste enumeration. Nitishkumar called. Chandrababuchan means that. That is what the opposition parties are saying. Everyone has demanded.

‘Shela Mendhya, like socks, does not help people. Our caste needs to be counted. Some people go to court after a while. What percentage do you agree with the court’s opinion? How should we say statistics? If we count the British, it would be 54 percent. But how can we say that we are 10-12 percent? Conduct a caste census. Caste Enumeration of Nitish Kumar. We went to Takyavar 65. We are not against casteism. He was involved in casteism. Asha Shabdat criticized Bhujbal.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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