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Despite success in Lok Sabha, there are signs of rebellion in Congress in Maharashtra, 16 senior leaders wrote a letter to the national president

Ritul Pandey

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Congress got good success in Maharashtra in the Lok Sabha elections. But now before the assembly elections, a dispute has come to the fore in Mumbai Congress. The dispute of Mumbai Congress has now reached directly to Delhi Darbar. 16 senior leaders of Mumbai Congress have written a letter to the party’s national president Mallikarjun Kharge. These leaders have become active against Varsha Gaikwad. They have demanded the removal of Varsha Gaikwad from the post of Mumbai Congress President. These leaders have expressed concern over Varsha Gaikwad’s working style. Along with this, some organizational changes have also been demanded in the party.

Pay attention to the decision of Mallikarjun Kharge

16 senior leaders of Mumbai Congress have written a letter to National President Mallikarjun Kharge. Since many prominent party officials are included in this, everyone’s eyes are on what decision Mallikarjun Kharge takes in this matter. According to sources, many of these leaders have reached Delhi to meet Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, senior leader KC Venugopal and Rahul Gandhi.

someone wrote a letter

In the letter written on June 16, Congress leaders have demanded changes in the organization in Mumbai in view of the assembly elections and Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections. These leaders include Rajya Sabha member and Congress executive member Chandrakant Handore, former city party chief Janardan Chandurkar and Bhai Jagtap, senior leaders Naseem Khan, Suresh Shetty, Madhu Chavan, Charan Singh Sapra, Zakir Ahmed and Maharashtra Congress treasurer as well as Amarjeet Manhas. In this statement, the national president has also demanded to visit Mumbai soon. This letter of Congress leaders in Mumbai became a topic of discussion.

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Congress leaders meeting in Delhi

In view of the Maharashtra assembly elections, a meeting of senior Congress leaders will be held in Delhi on June 25. Congress meetings have started in the backdrop of the upcoming assembly elections in four states. This meeting was held on Monday in the backdrop of the Jharkhand assembly elections. After this, today on Tuesday, the leaders of Maharashtra are meeting with the central Congress leaders. Rahul Gandhi, Mallikarjun Kharge will attend this meeting.

Ritul Pandey

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