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Delhi: Bulldozer runs over illegal religious site, people angry at MCD team, police team pelted with stones

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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MCD returned leaving the proceedings incomplete

The locals protested strongly against the MCD and police team that went to remove encroachment on government land in Mangolpuri, Delhi. Some people pelted stones at the team that went to remove the encroachment and even attacked some local media persons, after which the demolition team had to retreat. Seeing the protest of the local people, the police and MCD team left the operation midway and returned.

In fact, in Mangolpuli Y block, a team of MCD and police bulldozed the wajukhana built in the park, which was strongly protested by the people present there. In no time the protest escalated to such an extent that even stone pelting started at the spot. Seeing the growing anger of the people, the MCD and police team could not remove the encroachment and had to return from there.

What did the locals say?

Local people said that the mosque built in the park has been here since ancient times. Without any notice, the MCD team arrived to demolish it. People said that this matter of the mosque has reached the High Court. A person was also detained on charges of stone pelting and assault at the spot, while a police complaint has been lodged against several others. People who gathered in support of the mosque also say that some outsiders tried to incite violence but failed. Some of them pelted stones and misbehaved with mediapersons.

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The MCD team that accompanied the force returned

The MCD team, which arrived with its force, had to return after completing only half of the procedure. People climbed into the mosque and started protesting against the action. At present, due to the vigilance of the paramilitary force, any major ruckus was averted. MCD proceedings have been temporarily stopped.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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