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Delhi airport earns 42 billion rupees every year, they have ownership rights

Sagar Patel

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The airport issue is heating up due to the collapse of the roof of the Delhi airport terminal. This airport is included among the busiest airports in the country. In fact, around five in the morning on Friday, a serious accident occurred at Delhi’s IGI airport. Much of the roof of the airport’s Terminal-1 fell on vehicles and people. In the accident, one person died and 4 were injured. Due to this, now the airport management has taken a big decision and has canceled all flights from Terminal-1 and has also closed the check-in counters.

Delhi airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. Thousands of flights depart from here every day, which also generates huge income for airlines. In such a situation, when many flights have been cancelled, please let us know how many flights are flying from IGI Airport and how much money is earned from them. Also, who has the ownership rights to this airport?

This is earned every year

Due to the arrival of thousands of flights daily from Delhi Airport, not just billions of rupees but thousands of crores of rupees are earned in a year. According to, by the year 2023 the airport had earned 42 billion rupees from flights. At the same time, before this, in the year 2023, around 30 billion rupees were earned at Delhi Airport. The airport is owned by the Airports Authority of India. Around 1,500 flights arrive from here every day. You can understand the year-on-year revenue of the airport from the graph given below.

have property rights

Talking about the ownership rights of Delhi Airport, its owner is the Airports Authority of India. However, AAI has divided its stake among many people. AAI has formed a consortium called DAIL which is the operator of IGI. According to DIAL, GMR holds the majority stake in the airport. GMR holds a 50 percent stake. While Fragport AG holds a 10 percent stake and Malaysia Airports holds a 10 percent stake. Apart from this, India Development Fund holds a 3.9 percent stake and AAI holds a 26 percent stake.

Who owns Terminal 1?

Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) is the operator of Indira Gandhi International Airport. Terminal 1 is owned by GMR Group. Only domestic flights operate from Terminal 1. IGI Airport has three terminals T1, T2 and T3. At the same time, GMR is owned by GM Rao. Following the accident, all flights from Terminal 1 have been cancelled until the rescue operation is completed.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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