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Damaged lungs, betrayed heart, drives an e-rickshaw after buying ‘Saans’… Gul Mohsin’s story will make you cry

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Gul Mohsin driving an e-rickshaw with an oxygen cylinder.

Age 62 years… Both lungs have deteriorated, heart has been cheated once, even ‘breath’ has to be bought daily. After all these troubles no one complained or complained to anyone. With all courage, he grabs the weakened e-rickshaw with his hands like memories of the past spring and sets out to feed himself and his wife. This is the painful story of Gul Mohsin from Roorkee in Haridwar district.

An old man will often be seen driving an e-rickshaw with an oxygen cylinder on the roads of the academic city of Roorkee. This is Gul Mohsin. ‘Gul’ has broken down due to illnesses, but the courage and passion are still intact. Gull, who takes passengers to their destinations all day long, is working hard at his retirement age. It is enough if the children earn for themselves by working hard to support them in their old age. Leave the children, their own breath has left them. Now the only hope is on the ‘breath’ of the mall.

The situation has worsened since 2009

Old Gull Mohsin is a resident of Roorkee’s West Amber Lake. It transports passengers from here to there by e-rickshaw every day. Gul Mohsin also carries an oxygen cylinder with the e-rickshaw. It is through it that he is able to breathe. In fact, Gul Mohsin’s life did not happen 15 years ago. Everything was going well. By getting the children married, they were freed from responsibilities. The year 2009 brought a storm of problems in his life.

Gul Mohsin says, ‘I was a tailor, making my living by sewing clothes. I got my children married with this earnings. ‘I had a heart attack in 2009,’ he says in a choked voice, wiping tears from his eyes. Whatever money I had was gone. After which the doctor told me to rest.

Damaged lungs, difficult to walk

Gul Mohsin says, ‘After 11 years in 2020, after the Corona period, life seemed to be surrounded by problems. Both my lungs gave out. This has made it difficult to operate a sewing machine with feet and even to walk far. “The doctors said that as long as there is life, we have to take oxygen from the cylinder,” he says. Due to doctor’s advice and hope of life, Gul Mohsi did not give up. He took a loan two years ago and took the handle of an e-rickshaw. Now they have to earn daily money for e-rickshaw installments, money to buy oxygen cylinders and household expenses. These three needs have now become an important part of Gul Mohsin’s life.

Installment could not be deposited

A selfless person, Gul Mohsin did not extend his hand to anyone even after facing so many problems. Despite serious illnesses, he leaves home to earn money every day. He has 3 sons and 2 daughters. He got everyone married himself. Everyone lives separately with his family. Gul Mohsin is working hard with his wife and walking on the path of life. A few days ago, he was not disappointed when he could not pay two-three installments of his e-rickshaw due to slow work. He is working hard to pay the installments. He is earning 400 to 500 rupees per day. If they need government help.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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