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CM Mohan Yadav gave a big gift to Ujjain, Sevarkhedi-Silarkhedi Dam will be built at a cost of 600 crores.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has said that our government has resolved to make the water of Shipra river pure and clean. He said that water from Kanh river would be prevented from reaching Shipra. The government said that due to the Kanh Close Duct Project, no more contaminated Kanh water will be found on any bank of the Maa Shipra. The ear water will be conveyed to the lower banks of Gambhir river. Which will be purified and nearby farmers will get water for irrigation.

On Saturday Chief Minister Dr. Yadav near Shani Mandir in Dendiya village of Ujjain Rs. He was addressing the ground breaking ceremony and inauguration of the Kanha Close Duct Project at a cost of Rs 817 crore. In the program Chief Minister Dr. Yadav Rs. The foundation stone of Kanh Close Duct Project to be built at a cost of 598.66 crores was laid. Apart from this, construction works worth approximately Rs 217 crore were laid foundation stone and inaugurated.

Ujjain-Jwara road will be four lane

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that the construction of Ujjain-Jwara via Nagda four lane will be completed soon at a cost of 5 thousand crore rupees. Groundbreaking ceremony of Ujjain-Indore Sixlane will be done soon. He said that PM Shree Religious Tourism Heli Seva will be launched on June 16, through which devotees will be able to reach pilgrimage sites like Mahakaleshwar, Omkareshwar in a short time.

Air Ambulance Service for Ayushman Cardholders

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that continuous development work is going on in Ujjain and the residents are receiving many gifts every day. The Chief Minister said that everyone must produce their Ayushman card, so that they can get the benefit of free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh. The Air Ambulance service will take a seriously ill person with an Ayushman card to cities like Mumbai and Delhi for treatment within a short period of time.

Development of places of worship of Lord Krishna and Rama

He said that all the temples and religious tourism places of the state including Ujjain and Indore division will be developed. The Mahaloka of Lord Mahakal was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After which religious tourism has also been boosted along with providing employment to the people here. The Chief Minister said that the statues of Saptarishis located in Mahakal Lok, which were damaged, are being carved out of solid stone by artists in Ujjain itself.

A statue making factory will be set up in Ujjain

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that a statue making factory will be established in Ujjain. The idols made here will reach the nook and cranny of the state and the country. It will provide employment to local people. Statues will also be made here out of brass. Puja material, clothes of God and utensils of worship will also be prepared in the state and made available in every corner of the country.

Water Resources Minister Tulsi Silawat said that I express my gratitude to the Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav, after many years of efforts, the resolution of purification of Maa Shipra is being fulfilled. He said that the irrigation capacity of Ujjain will be increased from 1 lakh 20 thousand hectares to 4 lakh hectares.

Ujjain gets Rs 816 crore. Development works were gifted

A total of 41 development works at a cost of 816 crores 69 lakhs were dedicated and inaugurated by Chief Minister Dr. Yadav. In which Rs. 598 Crore 66 Lakh Construction of Kanh Close Duct Project, Rs. Construction of Datana to Nagziri road at a cost of 38.50 crores, Rs. 50 lakhs includes the building of a 100-bed Civil Hospital of Community Health Center at Tarana. 24 crores 08 lakhs for upgradation/construction, Rs. 21 crores 07 lakhs from Taran Tal to Dewas Road and Mangalnath to Chakmed Rs. Construction of new government ITI at a cost of 14 crores. 31 lakh, in Ghatia Rs. Construction of new government ITI at a cost of 12 crores 14 lakhs in Ujjain at a cost of Rs. Construction of 4 roads at a cost of 9 crores 82 lakhs Construction of Ratnakhedi, Mangrola, Chandukhedi, Jalalkhedi, Nagda roads under Sinhastha at a cost of 9 crores 82 lakhs Construction of Jamalpura, Kokalkhedi, Naikhedi Silodamori Road Rs. 9 crore 53 lakhs, construction of Chadmukh Sikandari Gangedi Brajraj Khedi Chaya Marg at a cost of 7 crore 62 lakhs, Rs. At a cost of 4 crores, the boundary wall, shed, railings etc. of the Kal Bhairav ​​Mandir parking lot were completed.

Apart from this, 23 development works completed at a cost of 22 crore 91 lakhs were also inaugurated by the Chief Minister. This includes construction of tap water scheme in 18 villages at a cost of 8 crore 27 lakh rupees, construction of a hostel building of a training center in Ujjain at a cost of 3 crore 63 lakh rupees, opening of a jail in the complex of Central Jail Ujjain etc. 3 crores 25 lakhs at a cost of Rs. M.P. at a cost of 99 lakhs. Construction of various works of Police Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation, Akya Jagir Rs. 73 lakhs Upgradation of Higher Secondary School, Ujjain at Rs. 27 lakhs including construction of Backward Class Post Matric Boys Hostel etc.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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