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Cleaning of water bodies should continue, make ‘Ek Pad Maa Ke Naam’ campaign a success – CM Mohan Yadav

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has decided to continue the cleaning campaign of water sources in the state even after June 30. He said that the World Environment Day was celebrated in the state from June 5 to June 30 in the form of Jal Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan Utsav. Old steps came into being during this period. Water sources were also cleaned. Now, seeing its usefulness, I have talked about identifying and completing the rest of the work.

He said that wherever water is available, it should also be used. Also fishing or other activities should also be undertaken from the point of view of employment. With the help of Sedmap, relevant studies and surveys should be carried out to make the water bodies useful where the groundwater has been depleted. District Panchayats should work to make such water sources effective.

District wise target for ‘One Tree in Mother’s Name’

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav instructed to make the ‘Ek Pad Maa Ke Naam’ campaign launched on the call of Prime Minister Modi a success. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that this is not an ordinary campaign of tree plantation. This should not be considered a ritual but efforts should be made to make it a campaign for common people. District wise targets should be achieved. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav directed that a continuous campaign be conducted till July 15 in urban and rural areas to engage common people. Take the campaign to the Panchayats. After planting the sapling, it should be ensured that it is protected.

Be it a city or a village, water storage works everywhere.

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav was given detailed information about the works done in Jal Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan in rural areas of the state by Additional Chief Secretary Malay Kumar Srivastava and the water conservation works undertaken in urban areas by Principal Secretary Neeraj Mandaloi. Additional Chief Secretary Forest Ashok Nabrikal gave information about the work done in the forest sector and the upcoming plans.

He said that this campaign has been run with public participation. Special water councils were convened in every urban body of the state. Encroachment removal was done around the water structure. About 2.25 lakh citizens contributed labor in the campaign in urban areas of the state and about 30 lakh cubic meters worked to increase the capacity of water infrastructure. Water structure works were reviewed under Amrit 2.0 scheme.

These districts gave the details of the works

In today’s video conference, Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav was briefed about the activities of Jal Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan by the Collectors of Singrauli, Chhatarpur, Jhabua, Damoh, Raisen, Datia, Khandwa, Jabalpur, Ashok Nagar and Indore. About four thousand jobs were done in Singrauli district. Restoration of Chandela era lakes is underway in Chhatarpur. 195 tanks were deepened in Jhabua. Damoh has about a thousand steps, along with its markings and demarcations, work has been done to clear them by removing the water hyacinth. 58 nectar lakes have been prepared in Raisen.

Two thousand dumpers of silt were removed from Sita Sagar, the headwater in Datia. Work was done to revive the four historic lakes of Khandwa. In Jabalpur, about two years old steps were successfully rejuvenated. In Ashok Nagar Ganesh Shankar lake and Mungavali lake deepening works got public cooperation. Similarly in Indore district also there has been increased awareness among the people about conserving and using water sources in cities and villages.

In this meeting, Chief Secretary Veera Rana, Additional Chief Secretary of Chief Minister’s Office, Dr. Rajesh Rajoura, Principal Secretaries Sanjay Kumar Shukla and Raghavendra Kumar Singh, Secretary Bharat Yadav were present. Director General of Police Sudhir Kumar Saxena joined virtually from Jabalpur.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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