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Clashes rage in Delhi over water, Water Minister Atishi to go on indefinite fast from tomorrow

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Delhi Water Minister Atishi.Image Credit Source: Facebook

The politics that started over water scarcity in Delhi is now getting darker. Delhi Water Minister Atishi has been on an indefinite fast since Friday. Atishi says that while Delhi will not get its share of 100 MGD of water from Haryana. The fast will continue. Delhi Water Minister Atishi said that there is severe heat in Delhi. The daytime temperature is over 47 degrees. In such a situation, people need more water. One feels more thirsty, but at a time when people needed water more, there was a shortage of water in Delhi. Why was there water shortage in Delhi?

Water supply in Delhi is 1005 MGD per day. Out of that 613 MGD water comes from Haryana, but since last few days Haryana government is giving 513 MGD instead of 613 MGD. That means 100 MGD of water is coming less. This water provided water to 28 lakh people. Today those 28 lakh people are thirsty for every drop of water.

He said that being the water minister, I tried all possible and spoke to the Haryana Chief Minister, but he did not release the water. I spoke to Himachal Pradesh Govt. They had extra water. They were ready to provide water, but that too had to come from Haryana. We went to the central government. Our MLA went to meet the Union Jal Shakti Minister. Our officials went to Chandigarh and met the Haryana government officials. Still Delhi does not get water.

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Water Minister made a big announcement

He said that I had written to the Prime Minister yesterday asking him to provide water from Haryana to Delhi. 28 lakh people of Delhi are worried. Still the water has not reached Delhi. I have no choice now. Despite all possible efforts I have not been able to deliver water to the people of Delhi, so I cannot bear the suffering of the people of Delhi anymore.

He said that from Friday 21st June our rightful water will be taken from Haryana to provide water to Delhi which will quench the thirst of 28 lakh people. To get that water I would fast for an indefinite period. Will go to Rajghat on Friday at 11 am. I will pay homage to Gandhiji, after which I will fast in Bhogal Colony in Jangpura.

The water minister will go on a fast from Friday

Atishi said there are times when there is no solution to a problem. In such times Gandhiji has taught us that there is no other method than Satyagraha. To fight the battle of truth. I will fight this battle for 28 lakh people of Delhi from Friday.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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