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Clashes over ‘langot’, verbal war between Shinde faction and Ajit Pawar faction, ‘langots’ removed from each other

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The internal conflict in the Mahagathbandhan is now coming out in the open. Ramdas Kadam said that even if Ajit Pawar had come late, the work would have been done. After this, the criticism of Ajit Pawar faction by party NCP spokesperson Amol Mitkari reached the loincloth. After the verbal clash between Shinde faction and Ajit Pawar faction, they were seen directly pulling each other’s ‘loincloth’. Ramdas Kadam said on the anniversary of Shiv Sena, it would have been better if Ajit Pawar had come a little late. Due to this, Amol Mitkari has said that Shinde’s loincloth was saved because of us. Now Ramdas Kadam has really ripped apart the loincloth statement. If Dada had come late, he would have had to go to the Himalayas to chant, Amol Mitkari also gave a strong reply to Ramdas Kadam and said, ‘Do not forget that you were saved by the grace of Ajit Pawar.’

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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