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Chirag Paswan now moving away from JDU, why did he consider Nitish the ‘real boss’ in Bihar?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Now Chirag Paswan wants to juggle openly with Nitish Kumar

There are many famous political stories about relationships deteriorating and then improving. Chirag Paswan, who transformed the Janata Dal United (JDU) from the number one party to the number three party in Bihar, is now seen striking a chord with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. From endorsing the demand for special status to Bihar, Chirag is seen standing in favor of contesting the 2025 assembly elections under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. In such a situation, the question arises that why Chirag, who once had the courage to destroy the JDU in Bihar, has now started to consider Nitish Kumar as the ‘real boss’ in Bihar?

JDU, an ally of the Modi government, has passed a proposal to grant special state status to Bihar in its national executive meeting. The Modi government has so far rejected the demand, citing Finance Commission arguments, but now the central government is banking on the support of JDU and TDP. In such a situation, JDU has again raised the issue of special status, on which BJP and Modi government are silent but Chirag Paswan is seen fully standing with CM Nitish. Chirag says that Bihar needs a special state in public interest. Thus Chirag’s issues seem to be matching the tone of Nitish Kumar and JDU these days.

Earlier there was enmity but now they are coming together openly.

Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas) leader and Union Minister Chirag Paswan said, “Nitish Kumar and his party are not doing any pressure politics by passing the special state proposal, rather they are trying to raise this issue before the central government, the interest of the people of Bihar is involved. is This has always been our demand. Now that every party associated with Bihar has become part of the central government, they have demanded special status for the state.

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He further said, “Now if we all do not demand this from our Prime Minister then who will? Thus Chirag Paswan is seen openly standing with Nitish Kumar on his demand for a special state for Bihar.

‘Elections should be fought under BJP’s leadership’

Former Union Minister and BJP leader Ashwini Chaubey recently said that we want the next assembly elections to be fought under the leadership of the BJP. NDA will form the government with full majority under the leadership of BJP and the constituent parties will also get political benefits.

The JDU hit back at Ashwini Chaubey’s statement and said that the 2025 assembly elections will be fought under Nitish’s leadership. Chirag Paswan also stands with JDU on this issue.

Paswan said that NDA ally Nitish Kumar will lead the NDA in the upcoming assembly elections. Just as the people of Bihar were in favor of NDA in the Lok Sabha elections, similarly the people will support us in the upcoming assembly elections.

Why did Chirag Paswan change his stand?

Chirag Paswan has realized that politics cannot be done with political enmity with Nitish Kumar in Bihar. A personal grudge with Nitish forced Chirag Paswan to contest the 2020 elections alone and proved politically costly. Chirag tried to deflect Nitish’s arrow in the rivalry with JDU, but had to vacate his ‘bungalow’ as well. BJP is also giving more political importance to Nitish Kumar than Chirag. After facing a political setback, Chirag has realized that there is now a political advantage in working in tandem with Nitish Kumar. That is why they are seen standing together on every issue.

There are no permanent enemies or friends in politics. They become friend and foe over time. Amidst praising PM Modi, Chirag Paswan is now seen trying to develop his relationship with Nitish Kumar. That is why Chirag Paswan is seen standing with Nitish Kumar on every issue, be it the JDU’s demand for special status to Bihar or the decision to contest the next assembly elections under Nitish Kumar’s leadership.

A political journey with coordination

Chirag Paswan now wants to continue his political journey with political integration in Bihar, as it has benefited in the Lok Sabha elections. Chirag managed to win all five of his quota seats in the state, which also made him a cabinet minister.

Chirag Paswan wants to try his luck with the NDA in next year’s assembly elections in the state. We know this very well that one cannot stay in NDA by offending Nitish. That is why we are following Nitish’s tune, because Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is not a leader who can stay angry for long.

Upendra Kushwaha got angry several times and then hugged. Rajeev Ranjan alias Lalan Singh got upset and left the party. He joined the Congress and later came along and made him a Minister at the Center from the post of President. Keeping in view the need of politics, Nitish Kumar maintains flexibility in relations, which Chirag also understands and adopts a strategy of maintaining political balance.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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