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Children playing with loaded rifle, gunshots fired in scuffle… 12-year-old innocent dies

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Death of 12-year-old child

There was a major accident in a building in Lucknow. A 12-year-old child died tragically here. A child has died due to a rifle bullet in Lucknow’s Krishna Nagar area. His maternal uncle kept a loaded rifle in the house. Meanwhile, two children got a rifle in their hands and snatching started between the children. A shootout then ensued and a child was shot in the stomach.

As soon as the sound of gunshots was heard in the house, chaos broke out in the family. Family members rushed the child to Lokbandhu Hospital where doctors referred him to KGMU. The doctors there declared the child dead. Police reached the spot and sent the body for postmortem. Meanwhile, after the death of the girl, the condition of the family became dire and they cried.

shot from a licensed rifle

Actually an army jawan Balbir Singh had rented a house in Premnagar in Krishnanagar, he is posted on duty. He kept his wife, two daughters Neetu, Renu and a son Shiva here. Shiva’s maternal uncle Sanjay came to Premnagar with his son Divya on July 4. He also brought a licensed rifle with him for the guard job. There was a rifle in the house, it was loaded.

The crying condition of the family members is bad

On Sunday around 6 pm, Sanjay went to the market to buy vegetables. While Shiva and Divya were playing in the house, Shiva picked up the rifle. Divya asked him to keep the rifle back and due to this both started fighting over the rifle. Meanwhile the trigger was pressed and the firing was done. The bullet hit Shiva directly in his stomach. He fell there and started crying in pain. Hearing the sound of gunshots, Shiva’s two sisters Neetu and Renu reached there and were horrified to see their brother’s condition. With the help of nearby people, the child was brought to Lokbandhu Hospital. Later doctors of KGMU declared him brought dead.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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