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Chicken became cheaper than pulses in May, expensive vegetables ruined the veg thali budget

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Non-veg thali became cheaper and then veg prices increased.Image Credit Source: TV9 Graphics

If you are a vegetarian, this news will surprise you. Due to the rise in prices of vegetables like tomato and onion, the prices of veg thali have increased in the month of May. According to rating agency Crisil, the price of vegetable thali increased by 9 per cent in May 2024, after which the price of thali became Rs 27.8, up from Rs 25.5 in May 2023. At the same time, the price of chicken i.e. non-veg thali has decreased during this period.

Vegetarian thali is expensive but non-vegetarian thali is cheap.

In the monthly roti rice price report by CRISIL Market Intelligence and Analysis, it was said that vegetarian thali is expensive. However, the fall in the price of broiler chicken has reduced the cost of non-vegetarian feed. According to the report, the price of vegetarian food increased to Rs 27.8 per plate in May, compared to Rs 25.5 in the same period last year. While a month ago in April, the vegetarian thali was priced at Rs 27.4.

According to CRISIL report, due to rising prices of tomatoes, potatoes and onions, a plate of vegetarian food has become more expensive by 9 per cent in May 2024. Veg thali became Rs 27.8 in May , against Rs 25.5 in May 2023 last year. In April 2024, the price of vegetable thali was Rs 27.1. This means that the veg thali has become more expensive even compared to April. The vegetarian thali includes roti, vegetables (onion, tomato and potato), rice, pulses, curd and salad.

That’s why inflation increased.

CRISIL said in its report that due to low base in the last financial year, tomatoes have become more expensive by 39 per cent in the month of May, while potato prices have increased by 41 per cent and onions have increased by 43 percent. Due to this, veg thali has become expensive. According to the report, onion arrival has reduced due to the impact of the Rabi crop, while prices have increased due to damage to the potato crop in West Bengal. Apart from this, prices of rice have also become more expensive by 13 per cent and pulses by 21 per cent during this period. However, edible oil has also become cheaper during this period, thereby keeping a check on the sharp rise in veg thali prices.

Cheap Non Veg Thali

According to the CRISIL report, non-veg thali will become cheaper by May 2024. During this period there has been a fall in the price of broiler chicken, due to which non-veg thali has become cheaper by 7 per cent. The price of non-lez thali will be Rs 55.9 in May 2024, compared to Rs 59.9 in May 2023 last year. There has been a 16 per cent drop in broiler prices, due to which non-veg thali has become cheaper. In April 2024, the price of non-veg thali was Rs 56.3.

Tomato, onion and garlic are added to the non-vegetarian vegetable by pressing it. Although onion, garlic and tomatoes are also added to the vegetarian dish for a good gravy, the vegetarian thali is still more expensive than the non-vegetarian thali in May. The average cost of a vegetarian thali increased by 9 percent in the month of May.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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