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Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song ‘Bado Badi’ was viewed 128 million times, now YouTube has deleted it.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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‘Bado Badi’ song by Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

Since last month, a song that you can easily hear on every social media platform has now been deleted. Pakistan’s social media sensation Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is in the news for his songs. One after another singers are performing their songs. But one of his songs ‘Bado Badi’ is in much discussion. Even those who did not like this song sang a lot.

Not only this, people have trolled this song and singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan a lot. But even after being trolled, the song ‘Bado Badi’ was viewed 128 million times on YouTube. But now YouTube has deleted this song. As soon as this song was deleted, people started wondering why this action was taken against ‘Bado Badi’? The main reason behind it is that according to YouTube, the song has been deleted due to copy rights.

The song ‘Bado Badi’ is a cover of famous singer Noor Jahan’s classic track. Which was again sung by Chahat Fateh Ali Khan in his own style. This song was circulating in front of people’s eyes for the last one month. Some people were singing and watching the song over and over again as a joke, which led to the song getting over 128 million views in a month.

According to information received, this song by Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has been removed from YouTube due to copy rights. Noor Jahan sang the original song ‘Bado Badi’ for the 1973 film Banarasi Thug. Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song ‘Bado Badi’ went viral not only in Pakistan but across South Asia including India and Bangladesh.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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