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Caste comes in the way of love marriage, in-laws marry, husband remarries, first wife seeks justice

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Dipanshu got married to Rashmi two years ago.

An upper caste boy had an affair with a scheduled caste girl for 7 years in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. The families of both did not approve of this relationship. However, regardless of society, the two got married two years ago. Both also had a lovely daughter. Meanwhile, two months ago, the husband suddenly disappeared. The wife made every effort to find him. But he was not found. Then she came to know that her husband had remarried.

The victim reached the police station for justice. It is alleged that the policemen did not help him. Distraught, he sought the help of Additional SP. He has again instructed the police to investigate the matter.

The case is from Gwarighat area. Dipanshu Tiwari, who works as a priest here, had an affair with Rashmi Sonkar, a resident of Chhoti Omati, for the past 7 years. Deepanshu married Rashmi 2 years ago despite knowing that she belongs to Scheduled Caste. Both had taken an oath to live and die together. The families of both did not approve of this relationship. Rashmi hears a lot of taunts from her in-laws. Due to this reason Dipanshu and Rashmi started living in separate houses.

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They also had a daughter. But in the meantime Dipanshu mysteriously disappeared two months ago. Wife Rashmi also filed a missing complaint at Gwarighat police station. But nothing could be found about it. Rashmi Sonkar says Dipanshu Tiwari’s family has arranged her husband’s marriage with another girl from Sagar. Both were then shifted to some other city.

Second marriage without divorce

Rashmi says husband Dipanshu married me 2 years ago according to Hindu customs. How can he remarry in such a situation? It is mandatory to divorce the first wife in order to remarry. But without informing me, Dipanshu’s family arranged my second marriage.

He was taunted on the basis of caste

Rashmi alleges that Dipanshu’s elder brother and parents always taunted her about her caste. He always wanted to take her away from her husband. He did this too. Now he doesn’t talk to Dipanshu. Rashmi alleges that even the police station officials are not helping her. So he sought the help of Additional SP. Addition SP Suryakant Sharma says that a complaint has been lodged by the woman, which is being investigated. Action will be taken based on whatever facts emerge in the investigation.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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