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Card Leaked, Date Also Confirmed, Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal’s Wedding Has This Condition For Guests

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal Wedding Card

Actress Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal are constantly in the news regarding their marriage news. For the past few days, the news was everywhere that the couple is going to get married soon. However, Sonakshi and Zaheer’s side dismissed the news as mere rumours. Sonakshi said that it is good if people are enjoying hearing these rumours. But meanwhile the marriage card of Sonakshi-Zaheer has also been leaked.

Sonakshi-Zaheer have been dating each other for a long time. But both are trying to hide their relationship and wedding date from the world. However, amid these efforts, the couple’s wedding card has been leaked on social media, making it clear that Sonakshi-Zaheer is getting married on June 23. This marriage will be an intimate marriage. Where only family and some special friends will be present.

Sonakshi-Zaheer will have a registered marriage

According to a report, Sonakshi and Zaheer’s wedding program will last for two days. It has come out that both are going to get registered marriage. A friend of Sonakshi said that the couple has invited her for the celebration on the evening of June 23. But he made no mention of marriage. He says, “As far as I know, they must have already got the registered marriage done or on the morning of June 23. But there will be no big wedding like this, just a party.

The leaked wedding card states that an event will be held at Mumbai’s Bastian restaurant. According to a friend of the actress, Sonakshi wants to keep this a complete secret. So, he did not share more information regarding this with anyone. But they will celebrate at Bastion.


Dress code for guests

If reports are to be believed, Sonakshi may not be sharing any information about her wedding, but she is constantly working to make her special day great. She had been preparing for this day for the past several months. The actress has tried to keep her marriage close to simplicity. Hence he has also kept a dress code for all the guests coming to the wedding. The leaked card also states that guests are to attend the festivities and are expressly prohibited from wearing formal clothes and red clothes. In such a situation, it is possible that Sonakshi will wear a red lehenga, which is why she is refusing guests to wear red lehengas.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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