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Cancer and expensive treatment… Family broke up, husband, wife and daughter poisoned, 2 dead

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Dead couple (file photo)

A heartbreaking incident has come to light in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Here a couple first poisoned their daughter in a cold drink and then both of them drank the same poisoned cold drink themselves. Due to which the couple died on the spot, but the local people got the information in time and admitted the innocent girl to the hospital. This saved his life. It is being said that the woman was suffering from cancer. The treatment was also going on for a long time, but now the couple had no money to continue the treatment.

In such a situation, the couple drank their daughter with a poisoned cold drink and consumed it herself. It is lucky that daughter Jajurti’s life was spared in this incident. According to the police, the couple has been identified as Riju Nair, a resident of Kerala, and the wife of the deceased has been identified as Priya Riju Nair. While his 12-year-old daughter is Jaguri. According to reports, Priya Riju Nair was suffering from cancer. Earlier his treatment was going on in Kerala. A few days ago, the couple had come to Nagpur for further treatment, they were undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Vijayashree Nagar, Jaripatka Police Station area of ​​Nagpur city.

The father could not see the pain of the mother

Jagurti said during police interrogation that her mother’s treatment was very expensive. By now his father had made some arrangements, but now he had no money left to buy expensive medicines and injections. Father’s business was not running due to mother’s treatment. In such a situation, his father took loans from many relatives and acquaintances, but due to financial constraints, he could not repay the loan and now there was no money left in his pocket even to buy medicines and injections. Due to which mother’s medicine was stopped. Due to which the mother’s pain was increasing. Her father could not bear her mother’s pain, so her parents decided to commit mass suicide.

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The couple died

Jagurti said her father first bought a cold drink and mixed some poisonous substance in it. This cold drink was given to him to drink first, when he drank it his parents also drank the same cold drink. Due to which the three were unconscious. According to the police, on the tip-off of the locals, the trio was rushed to the hospital, where doctors declared the couple brought dead, but Awakari survived after consuming a small amount of poison. Currently, Jagurti has been admitted to a government hospital, where her condition is out of danger. According to doctors, his health is improving rapidly.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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